Rantus Momentus from 1,2 and/or 7

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Life is a BITCH!!!

I have worked my ass off for years, trying to build bits in my brain that draw my perception of reality somewhere more in line with the average person (chortle chortle at the idea of an ‘average’ person (do you know any? ;)). Back in the day ‘average’ was a mathematical term, which needed to stay where it belonged in my humble opinion; defining numbers not people) anyway, back onto the other rage filled track I was on…

As I was saying, years I’ve worked my ass off, and I’ve lost it again. I only know this because I’ve just had a conversation with my best friend who has gently filled me in on the levels of my vile spitting tongue and the extremes of my warped mind processes. Apparently the levels are previously unseen. It would take me 14 years to explain the following statement properly but i’m sure you can still apprecite it’s pooey-ness…he kindly said ‘You are Dawn 1, 2 and 7 combined and I’ve only ever seen you NEAR to this state, 3 times in 5 years’…

Reality is officially a dot to me!

Now I am fully aware of Dawn 1, 2 and 7 and I always know which one is bobbing about where

OR SO I THOUGHT! Which is pretty poo too; as I’m supposed to be able to THINK my way back to reality! Doh, what the fuck am I meant to do about that one!

I thought 7 came alone, she doesn’t

I thought I was 1 and 2 at the moment, but we are not alone.

I have been 1,2 and 7 at least 3 times in the last 5 years and I’ve been utterly unaware of it.

I’m officially more insane than I’ve ever been and I thought I was just a bit stressed and moody, but generally in marvellous spirits much of the time! Go figure!!

So now I’ve shot my vile unjustified tongue at my poor onion, who to be fair, has pissed me off!! but it would seem my reasons for being pissed off have been invented by my thoughts. My thoughts have a life all of their own. They have mini brains and subsequently, they make their own little thoughts about my thoughts and attach themselves…and before you know it, 2 thoughts are 48.

I have nothing further to report, but as all 3 of me are about at the moment, I may well be back shortly, in some guise or another!!

Oh and as life would have it, I can’t even go to my happy place and stare at the picture of my wedding dress to cheer me up, because it reminds me of him and just at the moment, and yes utterly wrongly, I still wanna poke him in the eye!


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  1. Hey hot shot bald cop, you were in my naughty spam folder :)))) but I unspammed you cos of the sheer chortlesome irony of your possibly ‘botted’ comment in relation to the article. Anyhoo, now I see you’ve popped up again with a relevant question!!! Are you real lol… or am I insanely speaking to something I believe is called a BOT, for the world to see!! Probably! Marvellous! 🙂