Another Failed Melody line! ;) So ere be ze Lyrics!

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Ok, I just tried to make this little set of words into a sparkly song and it totally didn’t work!!!! soooooo, I thought rather than waste my pooey creation completely, i’d write it up instead.

It might be a bit confusing, so here’s a quick synopsis… it’s a tale of flicking through the newspaper and summing up what is going on 🙂 I hope you enjoy, you never know, you might even find some better chords yourself and make number 1 with it :)))) if you do, don’t forget my £10’er copyright fee…


Todays black and white headlines, a snapshot of us all, I think I once heard that money, would drive the people crazy…

Predicted truly deeply see below!

Verse 2…

We can stop the ice age, with a stash of silver foil, what loon paid good money, for this ere little theory?

Another’s paid to warn us there’s NUTS in bags of NUTS, this info is worth money, this task provides a salary!

And of course you sue the council, if your own hip makes you trip, for this she got more money, things really have gone crazy,


Thanks ‘fun police’, marketing chiefs and health and safety executives, daily we PAY to read lies now, erm money makes you wise how?

Verse 2

Its been confirmed these strange stories are how things are done now, people all want money, for their shot at a chance to go crazy

Todays final headline, I got rich now too, my money bought me raisins, with no warning there were RAISINS in RAISINS, I sued and sunmaid never clawed it back, they merged with TK Max…

Da Dahhhhhh 🙂 wot bilge, it’s no wonder it had no chance or reforming into a song 😉

Ze end

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2 responses

  1. God damn it!! You’re gonna be loaded! Oh well, i’ve been poor forever and you and Bill Gates will both know when you lay your head down at night, that you STOLE your way to success!! 🙂

    Sweet dreams for me, nightmares for you 🙂

    Check and Mate!

  2. *STOLEN!!!!!*

    and if you try to get your money back by suing me for royalties, you’ll become one of the bums in the song and what fate is worse than that.

    check and mate