Love light, Fall soft…or listen and fall UNCONSCIOUS!!

Cover of "The Other Half"

Cover of The Other Half

So much advice

Be vulnerable, be scared, have pieces missing from your puzzle,
Pieces that those who love you can fill with their own funny shaped cardboard sections,
Be weaker, be softer, forgive more, learn to bend

So she did,

Currently she is half naked, with only some of her limbs intact and even less of her heart and soul,
She is so soft that now when she tries to walk without your cardboard, she just falls over. To add insult to injury she is bent so far over she can’t see the road ahead, to spot the other dangers.

And where are they now, the advice giver, and the guide dog, and the cardboard…and the spinal rod…

I know she won’t listen again, because now she has to fix her disablement, this is nothing new in itself, but what is new is the state she is in this time. When she’s had to fix herself up before she was at least dressed, able to walk upright…and with a fully working outer self…

She has mended broken insides before, but she hates you as much as she loves you for breaking her outsides too.

For letting her believe it was safe to fall neatly into half a person…

It isn’t…

The trouble with the pessimistic view, is that often it’s sadly glaringly and obviously…’the truth’.

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'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

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  1. Worry not Mum, you may not be aware of my titled pieces (1,2 and 7) but you did give birth to this little nutter so you’re not confused in the grand scale of things, just experienced. :))) Love you toooooo xxx