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Ponder of the day…(Bilge like/not profound at all)


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As far as I am aware, the ratio of smokers versus non smokers in society, remains pretty steady…

Although there is a stigma attached to us stinky vile tobacco stained beings; although we are segregated from the normal people, like pigs in a plastic barn ;)…Business does not care about the social status of any creatures IF they can make  a profit from them

Which brings me to the question… Read the rest of this entry

Lived, Loved and Lost…


Broken Heart

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Where do I start

What do you do when someone you love has done things to you that have rendered you incapable of trusting them, but you know they have done these things without any malice or awareness, let alone intent?

What do you do when you know they are a wonderful person, but also not the person you thought they were?

What do you do when someone has broken your heart over and over and over, but you know they did none of it intentionally?

What do you do when they can’t see why they have broken you?

What do you do when someone has lied to you, sometimes to protect you and sometimes not, but lied often enough, that you wanna believe their words of grandeur, but you can’t even believe their tiny words anymore? Read the rest of this entry