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As far as I am aware, the ratio of smokers versus non smokers in society, remains pretty steady…

Although there is a stigma attached to us stinky vile tobacco stained beings; although we are segregated from the normal people, like pigs in a plastic barn ;)…Business does not care about the social status of any creatures IF they can make  a profit from them

Which brings me to the question…Why why why are there no ashtrays for sale ANYWHERE in the whole city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have all the ashtrays gone people???????? I am sick of emptying my empty candle holders (makeshift ashtrays) every 4 foooooooooooking fags, cos I cant fit anymore stubs in…

In would steal one from the pub if they weren’t so hideous! I want a nice burgundy one or something a bit spangly…

Can anyone assist please?


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  1. they do have pretty ones, it’s a bong shop.

    plus there is the normal etiquette of just robbing one from your local. I know it may go against your natural instincts based on your previous work experience but screw it.

    IT’s all about a cheeky theft