Lil’ Trissus and her ‘Dramatic Entrances’ at Dawnys!


My dear old sister continues to bring me the deepest belly chuckles in literally, the shittiest of times…

Varying between ‘every few hours’ to ‘every few months’; she arrives at my door in some kinda crisis or another,

Well yesterday was one of them days, and the crisis is shit and sad on a profound level 😦

But her appearance at points is just tooooo funny, so even in the heightened throes of profound pain; we often end up ‘roaring’ through the tears at the ‘state of her’.

Bear in mind she walks past normal people on the way to mine 😉

Now her hair is currently pink with approximately 2 inches of blond root. Before she came to me yesterday, she had a cracking headache and placed a wet flannel on her forehead and over the first 3 inches of her hair, which produced the following look…

The top/front of her head resembled a pink skull cap typically worn by Jewish people, and from there, the illuminous pink and beige blond dry parts of her seriously outgrown hairstyle, were stuck up and out in a Russell Brand/’Wildness of the Moors’ type fashion,

Due to circumstances, she was also unable to address her outfit before she marched over; below the bizarre and chucklesome vision that was her head and hair; she was sporting a GAP jumper fit for a person deemed morbidly obese, (which she is not)… 15 year old pyjama bottoms with ‘ultra knees’ in them; the saggiest ass ever; all polished off with 5 designer holes, scattered over the general butt area!

But the bit that finally released the totally inappropriate laughter I was so trying to stifle…

The fucking shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Never have I seen such funny shoes in my life…Apparently they are called ‘Sea Shoes’ and they are all the rage, both in and out of the water!!!. Well I’m sorry but they are the most hilariously ridiculously hideous pieces of footwear ever to be made!

I am staring at them now from across the lounge and I just am so tickled that a) they exist and b) Trissus somehow has a pair! She said ‘They’re from Southwold’ (which is very posh by the way) as if that someone justified their existence on the end of her ‘ultra kneed’ pyjama’d pins

Oh Trent, I do love you!!

Dah Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……here they are!

Shoes my ass! They are the love child of Crocs, Clogs, Green wellies and plimsoles with elastic middles!


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4 responses

  1. Oh Faye, this fooking rolled me up, we need to send a family wide email to cull these from our roots. They could ruin our street cred forever! 🙂 these shoes were a shining light before the world got very dark 😉 and they still crease me up! Burn Edwards now Faye before it’s tooo late lol 🙂

  2. dawny she onto something with the shoes , edward , has a lovely red and black pair , also bought from southwold , at an expensive £4.99 i suppose him being 6 is reason enough for his obvious lack of judgement lol xxx

  3. Lil’ Trissus! Lol muchly re your first sentence! Is it weird that we have been ignoring each other all day from 3 feet away and i’m typing this to you when I could just say it in far less than half the time :). I’ve officially fried my own brain with my own excess bilge spillage today! Oh the lengths we go to with our fingers; (being ever so non obsessive by nature and all that), in order to distract from our current situations and more pressing, our poxy dual heartache. Please always continue to arrive at my door in true Trentos fashion forever; always be pink, blue and/or purple! and one last request; please stop chirping morose facts to me from across the room, I only have the appetite for shallow, funny or profound only if also definable. But no more doggy tales me begs. OH NICE SHOES BTW luv! 🙂 you little trend setter you! 🙂 I’m never moving now that i’m close enough to you and a shop, the extra viewings of your wild self and your associated attire, have become an intrinsic therapy for my eyes and soul! Oh mania and self, please shut up.. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

  4. Oi I resemble that comment! Lol. I do indeed concur that my attire when coupled with severe blinding fury leaves a lot to be desired. I never seem to have these breakdowns at times of zero rootgrowth or after I have gotten public ready. So yes I stomped over to your flat, not for the first time looking like I had just escaped the nuthouse. Which is probably where I should have been headed lol. Love you lil Dawny…and thank god that as luck would have it, we don’t live too far apart. Tee hee xxxxx lil Trissus xxxxxx