Mania Induced ‘Bilge Entry’ !! (Counting plugs for kicks! What a sorry state of affairs! ;))

An extension lead/multiplug.

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In the grand scale of the age of the universe, electricity is a pretty new thing. As I have just scrabbled around for a free plug socket to charge the lap-a-topa; searching amongst the extension leads, plugged into the extension lead, plugged into the double adapter, plugged into the wall!!!

(Meandering thought, no wonder I go through electrical items like a mo-fo, I think my Dad once told me you weren’t meant to join that many up :/)

Anyhoo, back to the point in hand!

I thought ‘Jesusin Ka Ryst’, I am not a gadget person particularly. I don’t have surround sound and special dvd writers and all that spangly stuff; I’m just your standard stereo, freeview box, dvd player kinda capitalist pig :)… so anyway, with this in mind the old plug scene before my eyes, came as a bit of a mini shock..

And I’m that bored and that tragic, I was actually mildly curious as to how many I had. So I counted how many plugs I have in my lounge…

20!!!!!!!!!! How in gods name do I need 20 devices to function in just one room; devices that were not even possibilities back in the days of gas lamps! Which again, in the grand scheme of things, was not that long ago!

And I swear I am ashamed to say I’d vary from ‘slightly miffed’ to ‘unable to continue with life as we know it’… if any of the 20 of them were unplugged!!

It’s no wonder I’m being robbed blind by EON, I haven’t unplugged any of them since erm, well never! ‘

20 plugs people!!!!!!!

One night, you will be this bored and tragic; and you will count your own plugs!! honestly you will!


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  1. at the peak of living on my own i had,

    for my entire house

    george forman
    dvd/tape player
    washing machine
    phone charger (but that roams around with me)

    so that is only 12 altogether. how you have 20 for one room is beyond me.

    currently i have no electrical devices plugged into my room.

    i’m off grid and not a slave to the system, booyah….(although admit to being a bitch boy man servant to the internet)