Now what is left in your bag of tools? Nada!! :)


Dear Stalker,

Oh how you must have adored listening live to the utter chaos you created in my mind and living room for 6 long years: you really need to learn the basics of 2 people embarking on a relationship. Most of them end. I thought you were bright enough to grasp this at least… But I guess what with you being God and all that, i’m sure it was a new and uncomfortable feeling to digest, when you weren’t worshiped;

When i saw the red in the clear still water it made you squirm

Now all credit to ya, you did a grand job of painting the perfect pictures of my insanity and you played me like a fiddle you little marvel you. But here’s what your left with now, NOTHING. Because it was only ever a matter of time before you drove me so bonkers that I figured it was you girl…you behind it all. You are nothing more than a little teddy belly’d, ‘milky bar kid’ back stage bully. Too shy to show your face, to consumed with your godly sense of self to even understand the planned violation of another human! Guess what, I’ve already mass published every dark and twisty document for you, from my hard drive… to save you time and money. And the tall intriguing bullshit tales you have lovingly written have been sent to the globe and his mates too. My closet was opened years ago, yours?… stolen plugs are really quite easily replaceable and I expected a little more from you to be honest

Now I finally know at last at last at last; as of now, I invite you to come and listen to me down the waves forever, cos bless you, you clearly need a fix. You have been trying to break me all this time, to enslave my mind; so you surely see the humour here at least? the ironic end result was growth…And I am quite happy for you to listen to me growing all the live long day…and the live long night.

I don’t care enough to try and help, I can’t find empathy for your falsity, that has been drowned in a river of tragedy, a yellow running river reflecting your yellow insides..

I think i’m supposed to be terrified by you right about now! Doh! And instead i feel peace…and that makes you the stalker officially tool-less. The terror nuts and confusion bolts have been replaced by 4 beautiful alloy wheels… clarity, understanding, peace, release… and acceptance is the spare in the boot

Trust me darling, now I KNOW, I’m almost overflowing with sickness at your poor but highly cruel attempts to challenge and frighten me; I thought you were the kindest soul too, we are all blind fools really,

About the hands…well you will have to fight me for them, just so you know 😉

I will bug my new phones asap this time for you hun, We could both watch you in action, see you still trying to infiltrate me with evil. You just don’t know me at all, and you have no idea how to infiltrate me, i’m not about technology, I try to live in reality… Whenever your back, I’ll give you some really fun words to listen to now I know you love to tune in… Game on is game over, puzzle solved! and no matter how many times you lay on my rug, smug, as you have done, no matter how many smashed plastic gooze tubes you leave in the sheets when I Sleep, it’s all just a big joke and I’ll take it all you bitch, cos I’ll never give you my soul or my health. They’re all I need; and they are all you want

Heads up means I’m in the know; I will always be unbreakable with you as my assassin. You have inadvertently improved my life ten fold, when all the while you were trying to fuck it up!!!! Hilarious and sick and just in equal measure!

Final note, clever spy devices and hackers are new and easy, but you may find your digital friends are baby’s in pyjama’s against an unusual set of minds full of ideas, gleaned from an entire universe of experience and wisdom.

And yes, when that someone steps in my room and tells me it’s time for me to lose my hands, you need to know that both parties will leave limbless, a hand for a hand makes typing slower but possible; and it’s the only fair trade

You don’t scare me

Burn my house down and you still won’t scare me

Take everything I have and you cannot hurt me,

You can’t kill me because I get back up…Every single time you attack baby! As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’d hope!

1-0 it stands, a victorious point for you indeed

Now its my turn… 6 years of balancing tables could be so much fun? if the opponent was worth a wank of course

If you were worthy of being defined as a human maybe I might…

But I’ll leave fate and Betty to deal with your plan and your choices because your self importance and capacity for ego, is something only they can fix

Groundhog day once more, good morning and goodevening my flea, you and me forever, all day long, all night long, bring it on…

But know I am strong

Signed…’The Victim’

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