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I am not known for my ability to make travel connections. Usually because I fall asleep in airport lounges and train stations! I’ve tried getting my friends and family to call at the appropriate ‘please save my ass’ times, but the ringing of a mere mobile phone does not wake this beast and my poor Mother sweats and worries as she awaits the call, giving her:-

The new destination

The new ETA

And at times requesting she send official documentation to Embassies!

This irritating habit is well, bloody irritating for want of a better phrase; costly; and at times, panic inducing!

NOT THIS TIME! I left for Aberdeen airport armed with my ‘bell alarm clock’ (geniusly protected with my groovy new leg warmers)

As I’m sure you know, the decibels kicked out by these LARGE ‘old school wake up clocks’, are enough to get the job done, however, sitting in the departure lounge awake and reading, with one in your lap; is mildly embarrassing !

But I was determined to make it home at my allocated 5.30am, whatever the cost 😉

Welllll….You can only imagine my elation at finding a kind funny bus driver who ‘Hot Footed’ it tut Cambridge to try to get me on the EARLY and unknown to me bus, (saving me a 3 hour wait on the my ass in the cold, in the middle of Cambridge)

And he only Fooooking made it! Connection heaven!

For the first time in my life, I arrived home 3 hours early and the coach stopped 1 MINUTE from my door!!!!

Marvellous 🙂 !

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