National Express Thought Spillage 3


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‘Procrastination Stations’

(Insert – I have no idea why Zamenta has decided i’m talking about the joy of babies, but there are many of them suggested, so I thought…Why not!)

I did my usual of packing my study books with the deluded goal of completing an entire weeks work on the commute across land and sea! I read two chapters on the way, and all was going well, and I planned to read another two on the leg home. Except I didn’t, cos as I verbalised my plan, I could feel my impulsive little missy saying “Fuck that Dawny, do something pleasurable instead”.

So the trip to WHSmiths for a drink was actually me spotting the book stand and guiding my missy to the bait! A quick scan left me with only one option that caught my eye, and I bought it without more than 2 seconds thought.

It was a good few pages before  I spotted the irony of my purchase

It is entitled ‘The Procrastination Equation’ (Chortle Chortle :))

I’ll let you know if it worked once I find the motivation to finish reading it, now I have the pleasures of home nearing…

If my life expectancy was 864 years,  I would be truly immense! 😉

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