National Express Thought Spillage 4

Green for Danger (film)

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Some might say it isn’t safe, not on my mind, and maybe not for my actual physical existence.

Some might say I visited a place called danger in the physical world, and I collected a citizen from the city centre.

But there are others

… that say my mind took the citizen to a place called the edge of danger, on the corner of terror, and it is

these other people who would be correct.

So if I say that I feel happier and safer in those 2 minds and shapes; than in many other places that I’ve visited, I think that would make me a wee bit crazy!

And maybe I’m even crazier than crazy for knowing this; because to know this, I had to revisit the most dangerous places I’ve yet to discover, I had to, in order to test my theory

I am a risky little Missy sometimes!

As I said, life really is a funny old thing! And me, I might just be a funny old thing too

What is life without risk? Answer – Nothing-ness

And what is life with risk? Answer – Possibly the loss of life itself

Which is one of the few inevitables we don’t get to debate about anyway!

So with this in mind, take my hand and sing with me…’I’ll take the high road and you take the low road… dah dah dah dah dah dahhhhhh dah!

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