“Ohhhh Alby” (Trust you to nab the 100th post position ;))

To my dear, slightly odd old Step Dad, who I remember with mixed feelings, but mostly, a lot of laughter and a lot of love…
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Happy Birthday Alby! I wondered why I had been thinking about you soooo much these last few days; and then I saw the date and smiled. I still miss you and we talk about you often. I hope you continue to sleep soundly Treasure, and here is a gift list for you to read from heaven, of some of your classic moments…

The screaming of ‘Trent’, and the laughter of the rest of our giant household…When you put the green bits off the tomatoes in Theresa’s bed, and she thought a plague of spiders had infested her mattress!

The party where you were so smashed, you thought you owned a Rhodesian ridgeback, the beast was apparently in the bedroom, though none of us had ever seen this horse! 😉

When your mate stacked it, and his entire torso flew through the new fence, much to Mums dismay and horror, but OMG did we chuckle??? It was epic and unexpected!

To Trent -Testing the blind spots for her safety (Bless) – “Can you see me, Can you see me now?”

“What are you Michael, a Man or a FUCKING Mouse? Oh and Me and Tony have drunk the 48 Stella’s you left in the fridge”

The day you saved me and told the headmaster that he “Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, and that I would not be returning to school until he had grown a pair, and resolved the situation”

The day you chased Dawn C’s dad up the road screaming ‘Stop That Car’, sprinting for dear life! Cos Mum forgot to tell you I was going round there for tea and you thought I was being kidnapped! ;0

Making you Ham, Egg and Chips for many Fridays when we had the pub. You were really happy then, and I thought it was cute how attached you were to ‘The World’s End’, and to me and Michael. In spite of the fact you did call him a ‘Geordie Wanker’ lol, which to be fair… if the cap fits 😉

When Mum ran over your brand new Motorbike, and she cursed you for reacting and you said

“Fucking-Ell Pat, what do you want me to say, you’ve just run over me fucking Bike” I’m roaring…

The time you rubbed Theresa’s back all night after the Vodka and Archers Fiasco, as she vommed all over your newly completed tiling…

The time you ‘fixed’ my bike, except the front wheel was no longer properly attached. I ‘hoiked’ the front up to clear the kerb, ON THE A12, and slammed fork first into the road, and then had to get up and chase my front wheel …up the A12!! BIIIIIGGGG ROAD!

Friday nights – Me and You, when I got home from the holiday camp – Channel  5 I think…’Dawn, RENEGADE is starting’ (I hated it, but I kinda loved it a bit too, if I’m honest)

Every god damn morning you would vary between ‘Just One Cornetto’ and ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, the loudest renditions in the bloody world; and I used to lie in bed wanting to throttle you with my teenage fists, but right now I’d give anything to see you pull up in your leathers, and to hear you sing “Delicious Ice-Cream from EEEETARLEEEEE”. I would give you a massive hug now if I could ;(

Happy Birthday Alby, Love Dawny, your daughter Xxx.

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  2. how lovley dawn, so glad you have so many happy memories of the old bear, or albear as he used to call himself, and happy birthday alby from me pat xx

  3. Ahhh he was Trent, and we are blessed with a million funny and often touching memories of him. Miss him alot 😦 and you! now you have flown the nest of your sister to the bloody outback of Norfolk, come come back to the city!!!

  4. i love this post, being your sister and all. he was indeed a wonderful man and a crazy man who when mixed with alcohol, produced hilarious results. love you alby…from your other daughter ‘trent’ xxxxx