Oh Cameron…Did you really just say that?


Of all the people to re-ignite my long-winded fire…

David Pooey Cameron

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...
Come again Cammy Boy? FAIR???

In reference to capping benefits at X amount of £’s, because there are people at home doing NOTHING (The lady being interviewed would be one of those affected by the new cap and the child benefit reforms, and she is mid way through doing the ‘nothingness’ it takes to rear 5 children; all the things she does to ensure their lives are safe! everyday). Defining this ‘life work’ as NOTHING is perhaps a more fundamental problem for ‘child benefit AND housing benefit’; than the problem of which family to rob first.

It seems Slavery (for parents this era) is back on the ‘forward thinking’ agenda!


He ‘toffed out’ his disgust that a person at home, should never ever be getting the equivalent of a £35k salary, after tax!

Which equates to around £28,000

Which is a lot of money!

(Like Parents, Surgeons are responsible for the safety of multiple humans every day, and I think they get a little more than 35k a year)


Single people who are unemployed people do not get £28,000!

Single people get about £57 a week to live, and pay all bills bar rent.

NOTE the significance of rent in his plans…

A parent with 1 child gets the same £57 ish bucks and a whole £20.40 a week to raise a child

And a family with 2 children get just £13.40 to maintain their 2nd child, (apparently 2nd children are cheaper to care for)

None of these people get to set or control their RENT!

None of these people choose life, or the postcode of their roots.

The disposable income for anyone who claims any one of the main benefits, is approx, sorry definitely £0.00

Or they would not have been granted them in the first place. Entitlement already reached below base point years ago, but only the ‘£28 grand spongers’ who live in affluent places like SURREY! Are the ones hitting the headlines

Anyway, I’ll get back to the lady and the 28k shortly but firstly, I have to meander onto the word FAIR!

At the end of his pride filled speech on spongers, He actually said… it…

“It’s just not fair”!

FAIR??? Now I have heard reams of politicians speak at length without actually committing to a single decision, and most of these non-committal statements avoid the word fair.

The hypocrisy and irony of using it as a bargaining tool, when corruption is open standard practice; sits high in the throats and minds of the cabinet.

If it can’t be avoided they utter fluffy phrases such as “We need to commit to the development of a policy that prioritizes the fair treatment of …”


“’Equality for all’ means we must put our thinking caps on, and find measurable methods to ensure that the fair treatment of employees is rolled out. Encompassing the sensitivities of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion”

Otherwise known as diplomatically delivering bullshit explanations and solutions to problems that they don’t give a shit about! And problems they know cannot be fixed with a policy

They may use the word fair behind closed doors all day long, to their right honourable ladies and gentlemen

But I don’t think as yet, I have ever heard a politician, let alone the Prime Minister, actually dive into use of the word with such non ambiguity of meaning!!!

I just did a quick few page search/check to see who else from the political chambers of worldwide corruption has said the phrase ‘It’s just not fair!”

The World Wide Web found NONE!

Leaving me with a new-found respect for the long-winded planks who dance around the word fair, cos if there is one thing that ‘they all know that we know’, it’s that political ruler ship is rarely fair! In other words it’s more offensive to be told the motive for a policy is ‘fairness’, than it is to be called a tosser, coming from the Prime Minister.

Did you know that it is still OK and EVERYDAY practice to slap and physically punish children in schools, that’s correct, as of TODAY you can get your whip out as a teacher, but only if you’re teaching wealthy children in boarding schools and the like!! Apparently even abuse is a commodity that can be sustained with cash and status. Even when whipping 8 year olds is illegal and deemed/accepted as a form of ‘ABUSE’ versus ‘discipline’ by most people in the UK nowadays, it can still be controlled by bucks! FAIR??

I looked at his long old face as he said IT, and I opened my mouth to laugh, a nervous laugh that didn’t escape, it was choked out of existence by shock instead. For the reasons listed above obviously, but also cos it was written all over his immoral boat, he’s that sooooooo out of touch, he didn’t even realise he was making political history (based on 3 minutes of shoddy research by me in yahoo ) by uttering the statement no politician dare to utter for fear of hearing…

An onslaught of a thousand ‘NOT FAIRS’ they themselves signed off, slung in their faces for all to see…

What’s not fair is that the government said yesterday that she couldn’t help it that her rent was £17,000 a year, or that she was born in pretty village in Surrey, and had not done the decent thing and moved to Pitsea. They know full well that she needs a minimum of £20.40 for one nothing, and £13.40 for the rest of her nothings, and they know she also didn’t get a choice when her husband filed for divorce and ran off with the gardener.

Oh and also this lady works!!!, on top of her full-time work at home, hours upon hours a week driving to swimming group, karate club, Bollywood lessons, ironing, cooking 678 meals a week, mentally melting down, yada yada etc

BUT all her benefits and wages add up to £2,000 over Cameron’s new moral choke point.

So is it fair that yesterday they said she needed this money, not to be ok; but to remain above the poverty line (whole ‘nother rant). Yesterday 100’s of politicians collectively realised that this baseline was a mark of a civilised nation. Is it fair that tomorrow they want to steal it back? If you as a citizen of the world, dare to commit the heinous act of dedicating your life to raising a large-ish brood, especially if you do so in expensive postcodes…

If you dare to commit to the only JOB that ensures our continuation as a species…

Apparently you’re a cheeky bastard!

And when those other people in our society are out in the woods, shooting foxes and chomping their way through sea bass infused with gold-plated sage for a non living, you mothers and fathers should be ashamed!


Cameron, you are a bilious elitist blind little piglet! and when I walk home scared every night now in the pitch black; as my bin overflows from your 2 weekly collections; and foxes spread my cats shit all over my pathway; you’ve sent me 5 ‘yellow-pages style forms’ since you’ve been in power. 5!!!!. Virtually every week you steal my healthy/study/volunteering time, writing to you!!

Asking over and over if I’ve all of a sudden become fully able??? No luv, sorry!

And as all my/your/our outgoings rise; and my Open University fees quadruple, what exactly are you doing to make my life fairer Cameron?

By slashing the NHS budget that is responsible for my health?

And then bugging the shit out of me to see if I’m better?

It is a fantasy that one day I will slowly meander across a stage with him on it, stand in front of ‘The Donk’ and say “I think I speak for all of the left honourable ladies and gentlemen with this fair little exchange. A swop for your heroic attempts at caring for us all FAIRLY!!!”

And then I would put MY finger in his EYE!

English: Japanese Sign language - SO: a 'there...

Also, try giving Microsoft, Tesco, Wal-Mart and PC World a little tinkle on the blower, see if they can spare a couple of grand a year of the billions they make, to go towards national prosperity and the debt we all pay towards, and never get to see in writing.

Final note Cammy Boy…Pleeeease stop chanting that there are enough jobs, when you send sneaky little memos ordering all businesses advertise positions that have been filled internally, 4 months before the closing date. Then slowly break the souls of the unemployed by making them jump through hoops for an unobtainable prize. Fair? And then you use these fictitious roles as justification for your other classic phrase, and this one makes me want to poke you all over with a warm/boiling pointy fire pokey thing! ‘Members of the Underclass do not want to work, the jobs are there, but they don’t want them!”

Sorry would that be the 6 positions in the back of the paper in the CITY I live in? Positively brimming aren’t they Cameron?

Finally – ‘UNDERCLASS’! Whooooooo do they all think they are assigning these titles; and I’m sorry if this offends, but if you have taken this vile little label into your vocabulary to describe another fellow human being,

I say SHIM-a-DEE shame on you!

Bring me Cameron and bring me Eggs!! ;0

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  1. Hey Lenard, I was very chuffed to hear that you enjoyed a menader through my varied blog of bilge 😉 And I hope you do come back again. Thanks muchly for your lovely compliments on my pretty page, and it’s random spillages. Kudos to you back toooo, for leaving your sweet and inspiring words, Dawny 😉 P.S Have you begun blogging yourself yet, on project 6 hehe, blogging is a marvellous little phenomena of the 21st century ay?

  2. I just want to say I’m very new to blogs and truly loved this web-site. Probably I’m going to bookmark your website . You definitely have terrific article content. Kudos for sharing your blog site.

  3. Oh trust you!! lol, after reading old Eddy boy, I would say he’s gotta a point to argue, but in light of this post. I won’t. However being robbed blind by the banks was pretty unfair in the throats of most!

    Again, skimmer, I did clearly state that my findings were based on 3 minutes of shoddy research in yahoo, which is my veto to your nit picking self 😉

    Ave some back!

  4. “You have the dna traits of your worst enemies”


    Genius that they choose unemployed as labrats for academic scrutiny and research, they can do another week on 57 bucks!!!

    Genius or Bile inducing depending on perspective…

    Bah and sob!
    Over and Oooooot

  5. OK we will come to a decision on this in person, however I have to say, that a) I am not a think tank and this is not a party political broadcast, so I do not need a bandage ;), just an outlet to moan. b) I suggested 2 great solutions in spite of this, you dangerous little skim reader you…I suggested calling Tesco Walmart PC World etc, which boils down to…Take some money from the top and some from the bottom to save the days of tommorow maybe? AND I suggested a poke in the eye (oh and EGGS). I stand by these bandages as justifictaion, even though Cameron made political HISTORY and I was merely documenting it in this ere post, and the irony attached to his use of the word fair. But I will digest that wholly right wing argument on why why why we must be plunged back tut the 20’s ;0. And it has been a pleasure Pleut. Thankyou soooooo much for leaving your opinions. I do love it when you get your Devil Ad head on! Dawny 😉

  6. cammy has poked at someone,you’ve called him up for it and thus have poked at him

    equal and opposite pokes of the breadline, well not quite equal but pokes nonetheless

    as for saying something is poo, everyone knows new policies created along similar lines as old ones are always going to be poo., But it is easy to point out the flaws.

    but in this economic climate, the conservatives are all about ‘reatreating to fight another day’, so they have to be brutal now for future labour parties to have funds to spend when they are back in power,otherwise the pantomine will collapse. britains politican system is based off oscillating sustainability of growth with isolated peaks and troughs but overall growth.

    on then 50 year timespan,this will be a momentary blip that history may noteven recalls.

    How many benefit cuts and tax rises of the 1800-1950s that marginalised the working class do you recall?

    saying this,it isn’t the best way to go about things?

    what is more difficult is to come up with an alternative that works, helps and isn’t misused. Then fairness becomes totally irrelevant.

    so if you are going to poke at a hole, you need to carry a bandage too to show how to fix it, otherwise it becomes andopen loop hole of finger pointing on a sinking ship and that is not fair that’s not fair :p

  7. enjoyed reading the argument lots of vallied points made keep trying little beutt one day you will change the world for the better,you have a big heart and an incredible sense of justice i hope you win through, mum xxxxx

  8. Oh Lord, I can’t even begin to plunge into some of these views! Savers! There is no telling them ;). Different worlds on this one me thinks, we must get drunk and discuss it in person! As I said, it’s like Vine all over again!

    Oh and if 70% are not advertised, and half of the 30% remaining are ficticious, that leaves what out of the 6 in the paper?

    People are totally out of touch with the reality around these issues, and as for my lady being the grey and unusual, she is not. She is every person who lives in a pricey place and finds themsleves in a changed situation!

    Both parents should be able to do it alone just incase ay? 😉 This made me chortle!

    Main point was Cameron said ‘It’s just not fair”…Hilariously Shocking
    Let’s not miss that, and shall we save the rest for journey number 3?

  9. Well I’m not entirely sure I do, Please expand on exactly why it’s ironic that I am complaining about rent and child benefit cuts? Sorry for my thickness 😉

    I already have the ladies back, as my education, time, studies, and vocation are all centred around helping people who get put into boxes and treated poorer for it…

    Your own ideas (big red book) would have to be communicated in some way. Are new ideas for change also a message that other ideas are poo? If yes, that’s exactly what i’ve done here…

    Soooo Bah!

  10. the thought about the split women is relevant to your opinion childbirth is a choice. my views are not displayed in this post, i am just using your argument against you.

    the only reason this lady is finding it unfair is that she is in a murky grey area where her living costs exceed the new cap limit, the media will always focus on the band of people who will lose out the most. it’s a far more fitting story.

    a split family is always a bad situation but parents should be able to run familes independantly of one another just in case, otherwise you are choosing to get poked in the eye when shit hits the fan.

    the job thing has also been constant.anyone always tells you the hardest thing is getting the initial job you want in an industry and then it’s all easy as pie then as long as the company doesn’t fall under. You too may have been given a position based on friends or personality rather than merit before. But it helps to interview as such sessions are used to advertise the company and for brainstorming events.
    You know how many world changing ideas have been provided by interview questions and tests, hypothetical situations that reflect the problems they have that would cost them hundreds and thousands to get in people to solve, done for free by bright graduates and for no reward. GENIUS
    But everyone knows the best way to get jobs isn’t through advertising and 70% of all job vacancies aren’t even advertised. We have lost our killer instinct to search for work

    maybe because we are as nation more work shy.Not necessarily our fault. The government and the corporations want us as vulnerable as possible.

    it’s just a shame

  11. oh they are in the normal order if you reply specifically to a comment. cool
    .I will break up the response.

    anywho, if that’s what he meant then i misread your piece.

    poking is fine as long as you see the circle of irony attached.

    as a fence sitter, i condone all pointers. send this to cameron and join your local party group if you wanted to have your lady’s back

  12. Thank you muchly for your comments Pleut, very appreciated. As for the figure, you can blame him for that (lol) ;), he said these people are getting £28K in benefits, and that is the equivalent of a £35K salary, he then repeated the £28K alot so for clarity, that was the amount. I have no problem at all poking my finger at Cameron, but i’m fully aware this is not the halo-led, results orientated response to such probs, I just love having a good old rant and I still wanna poke him in the eye for having the cheek to use the word fair! And if anything, the blog holds a purpose for the lady from Surrey who is breaking her back. Should she read this, she knows i’ve got her back so my rant and finger pointing is not a complete waste. Do you think sometimes we should point fingers? Or is it just tax payers who have never ever had a day off who should point more?
    Your response is one that many people argue, but people who have lived on the other side of the coin, are frustrated by the £120K stories because they are few and far between; and thicken the fog. Living long term on benefits, is DAMN hard, when the car breaks down, you do too. Beans on toast and holes in your shoes are realities for millions. And what about the 6 jobs for the 987 applicants? I volunteered and continue to, cos no-one will employ my ass now i’ve been labelled crazy, in-spite of 15 solid years of work.And Cameron cut the funding for that, so all in all, he doesn’t please me. You are right, life is not fair and of all the jobs, parenthood is the hardest. I do believe you told me it wasn’t a choice a while back? 😉 And what if they choose family and then they split? Can they still point the finger now they are poor? Unless you are lucky enough to be reallllllly sick, (deemed severly disabled, which trust me, you dont get to fake, much like you dont get to fake legs), and then your standard of living is acceptable. Thank God…Oops Blair lol. But you can expect to be hounded for your sickness/the pleasure. The people who pluck from the cup, encompasses us all at some time in the life cycle, and if you have a tumour today, you will be in deficit of your taxes in a week and laying in bed whether you like it or not. If there is no support system, then you would be on incapacity benefit and likely, not eating much but toast. OK for a few months, not OK for years.. Last point, the figures that are most telling are £57, £20, and £13. Because they are the real ones when you remove all the propaganda and these are the ones that will be reduced. Do you think you could live on that with a baby? Benefits do not provide luxury, they are a supplement to long term Brassic Land. I still want eggs 😉

  13. real quick bit,

    35k after tax is not 28k
    28k is 35k tax

    earning 35k after tax if you had a 5% pension would be the equivalent of having a salary of nearly 54K

    that’s a helluva lot of cash.
    and you hear the odd story of those up to 120k after tax

    unless you are a graduate working in banking on market modelling, you have no chance of earning that. even high ranking military officers have no chance of earning that.

    a normal engineer would require 15 year’s experience to get that (54k, they’d never get 120k). meaning they would have to slave away till they are in their forties to be considered as entitled for that amount of money.

    or you simply couldn’t.

    of course it’s not fair, the entire system is not fair, especially based on what you said earlier that having and raising children is a choice. those who choose not to are not treated as fairly as those who do by the system., especially if they work.

    there are a lot of unfairness in all the systems from the bottom all the way down to the core but it doesn’t make it less wrong if a hypocrite points them out.
    i mean i don;t think it’s fair that i pay the same amount to the nhs as everyone else, even more because i smoke and i don’t actively use it.

    the real problem is that the benefit system isn’t in tune with modern day prices and inflation and makes it almost impossible for anyone to come off it. That’s the problem.

    how can you go from a 54k salary to minimum wage. The system is cruelest to those who want to work but realise they can’t afford to because the system has made them dependant on them.

    that’s really where it isn’t fair.

    the benefit system is just a lucrative faceless pimp and those who take from it are its drugged up customers.

    but you pointing the finger at cammy solves just as much as him pointing fingers at anyone else.
    You have the dna traits of your worst enemies,

    a latent politician the world will make of you yet. I an alreayd see you keeping your receipts for an expenses claim one day in the future, ha