‘Oooooo Monday’…Sneaking up and being all Amazing to me! Are you OK?


Jesusin Ka Ryst!!

First Monday

Monday? Is That Youuuuu?

It is Monday


It has been FABULOUS!

This does not happen to me, I swear I actually have DNA strands that can’t handle them, it’s intrinsic, statutory Dawny, and as regular as pooing is to flies. I have the Ump pretty much every Monday

I awoke from a not so marvellous sleep, however, my lovely sister had been to buy bacon and crusty rolls, which was a really pleasant surprise

Then the lovely lady from the housing association came round cos I’m getting a brand new kitchen :), and the chick turned up with a little mini mobile walking B&Q styleeeee set of displays. I discovered I am getting a most marvellous kitchen and I would like to thank the gods of Pan Handles, because now it is illegal to have them against a wall (cos we cannot safely move handles to the side anymore). So yay for the health and safety police, I’m even getting a posh tap.

So that was all rather posh and luxurious for any day, let alone a Monday

THEN I call my new boss to see what training she wanted to discuss and she tells me I’m on the WHUSSAR training, which means I will be working with female prisoners who have issues with self-esteem and confidence, which is just about as spangly as training news gets, like ever!

Oh and she asked me if my CRB had come back, cos I can’t start until it does, which it hadn’t.

THEN (foooook me it was all happening by 1pm)

The postman came and shoved 5 bills AND my CRB through the letterbox which means I am rocking and rolling pronto 🙂 yay

THEN me and Trent decided to have an Amy extravaganza a and did all 3 albums, plus my internet finds of absolute lusciousness, and we danced and sang our little ass’s off!

Then I jumped up like a spring bean and re-jigged the furniture in the living room (AGAIN) and it looks the nuts!

I now have a make shift coffee table of divine beauty, and I have my wooden ducks on it (which thanks to Vine, now have the beaks sellotaped on, and I can’t bear to be duckless until we go to the garden centre to replace them), so my patched up, slightly rough-looking George and Harry are centred on my magic cream leather multipurpose tub of joy!

Then Vine came and visited and moaned and ripped their beaks off again (Swine! and he’s ripped Harry’s leg totally out of the socket now, and he’s just a baby for god sake! Shocked and appalled) and we roared for two hours at his levels of misery amongst various other things (love him)

Then Then Then I stared at the immenseness of my new stationery and storage selection. Which I wasted far too many bucks on but again, it is joy inducing, I have the whole sha-bang – Box, expanding file (with flowers on), project pad, another spangly pad, massive cool spotty tube thing not from the stationary shop (no idea what it’s for to be honest) but it looks good with tiny pens floating in the bottom. Polished off with an amazing little to-do bag with silver hearts on it! Oh and mini post its! Very Cute! This spurred 3 whole pages of study too! Whoever decided to pimp stationary to these new levels, I bloody love you!

Blimey, its only 9pm and I’ve lifted the ban on the thingy, I have a bifta rolled of epic proportions and I am ‘Mrs Happy Pants’

Days like today are what are known of as ‘The cherry bake well on top of the carrot cake Days’

Thank-you Universe!

And “Happy Monday” people!

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