National Express Thought Spillage 7


The final part to my seven-ogy!


Procrastination AGAIN!

And then I will get on with my allocated writing tasks from my boss/pimp (I’m 6 weeks late), which is nothing new for me!


Here’s the finaleee, it’s pretty crap really which is a shame as it’s a series finisher, I should have thought out this ‘natural order thing’ more thoroughly…

Anyway I shall begin…

Reading about procrastination this evening, has got me thinking about impulsivity. Apparently the two go hand in hand, and impulsivity prevents us from doing what we need/want to do. (I get this, totally; and as I type bilge instead of doing LIFE, and I am the epitome of an impulsive procrastinator, BUT…)

I’ve just had a quick flick through my thinking/action processes, to assess which decisions I’ve made impulsively and which were rational, and this is where I came unstuck

Impulsivity is a mofo for making me procrastinate

BUT Impulsivity is also the ONLY thing that stops me procrastinating and starts me moving

I know on some level, the things I want and need to do, big and small

And I do these things, in random order and sometimes my time management goes a bit up the wall admittedly, but if I didn’t impulsively hop in the car at 4am to the 24hr Tesco, I would have no loo roll or ketchup in times of crisis!

In fact, if I didn’t impulsively move, I could possibly mould right into my sofa, all ‘muscle wastaged up’

I don’t think I’m in denial here, or trying to be clever by tipping Dr Piers theory on its head but he clearly defines and proves it as a negative in the equation, where as I see my impulsive behaviour as often positive, rational, and also as a driver, not a disabler

Dr Piers is clearly well versed and educated in the subject and I am defiantly not; and he makes a valid argument for the way these 2 concepts intermingle. And his argument is totally valid, except when applied to my odd mind/behaviour patterns.

Cos blow me, in my life; it is both my brick wall and my trampoline.

Finally, why can I not read any book without disagreeing with the theory 20 pages in?

I don’t mean to be an argumentative little beast,

Does anyone else suffer from action derived impulse pole shift disorder? ;/

And does this make any sense at all ;)?

Dum Dum Dummmmmm…

The end of 3 hours on the National Expressssssss…

I hope you enjoyed the series


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