The Circle of Life rolls round AGAIN!



They say life is one big circle of destruction and creation, a looping mass of ‘making and breaking’ on a continual rolling cycle.

Let me provide a life example of this phenomena in action, from tonight –

I’m feeling rather creative at the moment, so I decided to download a trial of ‘Mix Pad’, with the idea of recording one of my songs, and then recording a 2nd track of me harmonising over the top.

Well I began by recording me playing the Ukulele and singing on track 1

Harmonies came on track 2

Then I decided it sounded poo, so I hopped online to see if I could quickly find some free drum tracks and failed miserably, HOWEVER, I then realised I could re-create the sound of the bass drum and a cymbal by…wait for it…beat-boxing! God bless the 90’s children! And along came drums…

Then I popped out some very deep and low dum dum dums, and turned myself into a bass player

I couldn’t bloody believe it!

Then, inspired by Adele’s rolling in the deep, I added another track of me singing a separate piece in the chorus, in between the main lines

Before I knew it, I had made an entire song! By this ere one woman band, and her Ukulele (which is cleverly stringed in a way that makes it sound almost like a Fender Strat ;))

In fact, aside from my twister chair, it is the very best thing I have ever ever purchased and it looks exactly like a mini acoustic guitar. No other ukulele will do, except this very make and model. I purchased a 2nd one when I sat on the first one. I cracked it slightly with my ass before I shot back up out of the seat, sadly the damage was already done.

So there I was (‘post masterpieced up’) with my headphones in, listening to my very own symphony 😉 (If you don’t include the fact that I can’t keep time for shit; my drumming leaves a lot to be desired, and I sound more like cymbals and raspberries! Than cymbals and a bass drum!

But I was chuffed…

Then the cats were looking at me with their ‘I need something eyes’, and I remembered I hadn’t topped their water bowl up when I fed them, so I leapt out of the chair to do it, (I leapt because that is the zesty speed I am currently forced to move at!)

And I put my great clod-hopping foot STRAIGHT THROUGH THE Foooooking UKE! Whole foot, INSIDE AND THROUGH IT, just to the side of the sound hole

My left foot

Not my foot, just a foot...




This is the gods of ‘Putus offus Studius’ punishing me

This is the text I sent to my close circle of supportive friends, (4 of which replied immediately, as they know all too well the depth of my love, for the cuteness that is the Kauai 70B Ukulele)

“I am reaching out to you all 4 support in this truly difficult time. I have just put my fucking great foot THROUGH my Ukulele! I’m distraught and I feel a bit sick, and I can’t bring myself to check to see if she has been discontinued! Help me guys, waiiiiiiling like a small child with no miiiiilk! ;)”

OK I wasn’t actually out-right wailing, but I was inside!

So there you have it…

An example of the circle of life. Once again I create with one hand and destroy with the other (foot). And if it’s not my hand or foot destroying something, then at least once a week my ass is responsible for wiping out a glass ashtray!

Being clumsy is expensive and pooey

You’ll be very relieved to know that I was soothed by a call from my Pragatan, then I did the only thing I could and ‘re-created’ in the face of destruction. I borrowed some cash from Lloyds, (creating a small debt of £50), and I found a replica of my once wondrous and trusty old maker of chords! She is sailing from Bristol first thing! Yay! 😉

And also


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  4. Indeed it is, me Loves it and it never fails to impress me. And the chords she boshes out are ridigaliously difficult! Clever clever and talented lady! Them scots are on to something!