Timing Timing Timing! Time too…

The LONG EMERGENCY (Kunstler wrote the book in...

Timing is everything…

Yet in many ways, time is a fallacy, it is a man-made concept. Greenwich mean
time, morning, noon, night, today, tomorrow, next year. We made them all up!

Before clocks, wasn’t life just… ‘Being’?

And is it time that has made, just ‘being’ so hard?

Yet in all its literal nothingness, it is everything

As people, living through ‘time’

We change as sure as a ticking clock ticks

Even those people who have no insight into their insides

The people who form their opinions in their 20’s and never waver from them

The people who never pick up a book, and the people who never listen to anyone unless they agree with them,

Even these people + time (a man made concept) = change

These kind of characters still become different, but life doesn’t changes them, they are fixed in spite of love, loss, joy and death, it’s just that time does

Then there are the people who spend 12 of every 24 hours looking inside

Checking themselves

Leafing through their dreams

Analysing the argument they just had

Reading a sentence can literally change the life path of these people

These people + time = change

The only varient between these types of people here is time

The analysers/the thinkers, are new almost more regularly than the passing of that 2nd hand minute marker

What does this mean for the great interpersonal?

What challenges does it prevent for adjusting?

Adjusting + TIMING + chemistry/loving = A mo-fo for love

Yet for every time period, there are and always will be people who you will both need and want; and these people shape you into the person you are destined to become in 3 months and 4 days, and in february next year and in 7 years and 8 months.

Adjusting + BEING + chemistry/loving = A better chance for love maybe?

Somehow, being and loving as a pair, seem far more natural to growth


Timing and loving as a pair; this subliminally screams ‘end point’ to me

Add adjustment to timing and loving and this seems to ring ‘chore bells’ too

(Mind Menader to the phrase)

BEING in love!

If timing has replaced being, then we are richer and poorer for it because

Whether you like it or not, your past present and future hold many different versions of yourself, and as you evolve, so do your feelings, outlook, wants, needs, desires and perception


Your feelings, outlook, wants, needs, desires and perception STAY exactly THE SAME

And you change anyway! Again, the only varient here is time,

Never miss the chances that are offered to you, on the day they enter you life, because those once good chances could become bad bets when the next new you rolls into town

Life is over in a flash…time makes sure of that

(If you wish to read my last muse about the little bugger that is timing, please find it below)


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The Passage of Time

Time waits for no-one,

Time takes its toll,

Timing is everything,

Time is the measure of our lives,

Time encapsulates our past, our present, our future,

Time heals,

Time moves slowly,

Times moves quickly,

Time moves only ‘in time’ with ‘time’

What is the time?

What time shall I meet you?

I need more time!

You’re late,

Time controls the waves of all functions,

Time controls fate,

Time is a man-made concept,

Time can always wait…

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