Daily Archives: February 12, 2012

Blogging when you are absolutely bloody bungalowed


Drunk Pumpkin

What a classic shot for drunken chuckles! 🙂

Well well well

I am drunk (thank fooook for spell check) and I am writing. I do believe this is a new experience in the life cycle of Dawny

Some addled thoughts…

My cat’s rock

 I have several holes in my hand because I constructed 8 8 8 pieces of flat pack furniture and I BROKE the ROLSON screwdriver, 3 items in

My mum said, no offence darling but crazy people often have large amounts of strength

I love reading

I hate them pooey flies, called attic flies, they creep into the walls in the summer as tiny creepy puuupee shit, and then come and invade the house later, flying around all busted up; and landing their massive selves on me and my hands, with their vile and lengthy old legs.

They can’t reproduce and they are the fly version of 98 year old humans with cancer and dementia. And they disgustingly disintegrate over everything Read the rest of this entry