2012 Writing challenge 1 – Shorts – Jack Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

Jack and Jill (magazine)

Shorts - Jack Noooooooo

2012 Writing challenge 1 from my Boss/Pimp


The rules are, each short must be 50 words or less; and each must tell a story with a point. My first one turned into a mini drama well before print and I can’t find the bugger! So I’m starting slightly late in the year; with this ‘new’ 1st attempt!

These will eventually be found ‘all in order’ for your convenience, on my page entitled ‘Dawny’s Mini seriessss, Writing Challenges from my Boss/Pimp and Sideline Squit’.

If you would like to join in the ‘Shorts challenge’ please doooo lead me to your snippets. 50 words certainly gets the imaginative juices flowing! (see novembrepleut.wordpress.com for some gems…)

Here be my first ‘shot at a short’…

Jack ran up the hill

Jill had been waiting there for him forever

Impatient! Because once he arrived, she had to start counting the hours ‘til he rolled down the hill to his death.

He said everything he didn’t want to though, so he died smiling as he sadly slammed into the lorry at the bottom of the lush green hill.

Live Life!

63 words! Sorry Boss! 13 over my limit but I’m working on getting all succinct!

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'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

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  1. Plo! Thanks so much for commenting! I agree, there are definately worse ways to go. Do you think she pushed him? Like Janine in Benders? Did he trip, did he throw himself? 😉

  2. Butimbeautiful! I love love love this! It creased me up ;0 and I’m so excited that you joined in! 😉 Please keep em coming. ‘Sucked in, Cinderella! was a particular highpoint in my chuckles. Thanks a lot chook, Dawny

  3. Cinderella screamed. ‘Yellow! You said my ballgown would be pink!’ ‘Sorry,’ said her fairy Godmother, ‘but pink’s not your colour. Never was.’ ‘But I have to go downtown to meet my fella!’. ‘Not now you don’t, he’s in hospital. He slipped on a banana skin’. Sucked in, Cinderella!

    Not as good as yours though, Dawny.