Description: Trees were knocked down and burne...

A Natural Human Disaster

You are the pin that pops pretty balloons

You are the fist that takes the wind right out of my sails

You are a thief

You are the friend that no-body wants, the friend who whispers in your ear that things are really that bad

You burgle houses in the worst and most destructive way going

Your middle name is Twister

I don’t like you and I tell you this whenever I find you in my home, but still you keep coming.

You are everything in the field of viruses and disease

You eat away at the flesh of the internal

You are violent and forceful and oppressive and so damn quick. You arrive in a flash and leave in exactly the same manner, always on your terms

Your brother turned out so good, everyone is proud of him, what happened to you?

You are a natural disaster who breeds and resides in the bellies of the afflicted

Will you ever leave…

How many times can you smile at their pain, does it ever get old for you? Can you not find joy in flowers or fast cars or sparkly things?

Why so dark?

Are you really necessary in order for the light to remain?

Are you really claiming universal balance as your motive?

As I said, I don’t like you and I never will

And every day that you’re away, the fortress gets thicker; one day you may arrive in a flash and find us all impenetrable!

And I will laugh and laugh and laugh until you choke on my happiness.


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'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

2 responses

  1. Plo! What a beautifully dark and twisty take on sadness. I’ve gotta be honest and say, when I read your reply, I was far more drawn to the moments of joy.. they sound fabulous! I wont be looking down any holes whilst I’m that elated, I’m no sadist! There’s plenty of time to stare at the mo-fo, when you splat onto it later. Lmao on the catapult launcher! Thanks as always, for your marvellous comments…Dawny 😉

  2. THere may be times in your life where you will experience joy beyond comprehension and experience things that you won’t be able to correlate words to
    It’ll probably be far greater than your peers have experienced and you find yourself isolated on a mountain top of pure and absolute joy
    and you’ll wonder how you got there
    and with some binoculars and a magnifying glass, you will peak through a whole in the clouds, miles and miles down back to reality, all the way to the bottom of the dispair pit and you will see poor neglected sadness there, with his catapult launcher, silently smiling.
    and when you fall it will always be waiting to catch you too, never too busy.
    at least that’s how i see it. Life’s unsung champion