Home Sweet Home…Until Andrew Stone ;)!

English: Andrew Stone

Stone at his Finest!

How long can you get away with saying ‘This place ain’t my home’!

You see, London is a special and somewhat captivating place. Maybe the pride and my inability to let go is because it’s our capital; or maybe it’s because walking along Downing Street, or around Camden, or through Soho, or across the West End; is magic!

Just wandering through these places is an overwhelming experience for me!

Whatever the maybe’s, all these years later, London is still my home

But as much as I like the ring that comes with saying ‘I’m from London’, London is also largely a shed and I grew up in the middle of the compost heap, right next to the rusty axe!

The Royal Borough was a saying ‘Darling’, not a known entity…

And 20 years ago, Wayne was at the school gates with a sawn off shot gun, he was there for his girl, and this was London love and life!


But now, I’ve been HERE for 20 years. And now, magic London scares the ‘old girl in me’ a little bit if I’m honest…

So I guess HERE is home too,

What makes me so hesitant in naming this home?

Vicky Pollard from Little Britain was bad enough, (I watched a documentary on how ‘Little Britain’ came about, and they basically hunted the country for characters. And Vicky is based on a REAL gal from Norwich)

Alan Partridge is bloody funny; but that is truly how sad radio Norfolk gets, and I haven’t even touched on the head sizes of the people of Cromer 😉

I nearly admitted my address, I was nearly there in saying that Norwich was home


Andrew Fooooking Stone!

Yes, the 3rd and only known infamous member of this strange place I try not to call home; Norwich gave birth to the fruit bat that is Andrew Stone! What is wrong with the DNA strands of country folk! If you do not know who he is, he was the camp/straight dancing chappy on Celeb BB recently! (I love him really, but he is a strange boy) Still none the wiser? Then check out Pick TV now! He’s on with Louis God Damn Spence, need I say more?

I’m going home, back to the compost heap, before it’s too late!

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  1. ‘butimbeautiful’, that’s where i’ve seen you before, I’m from the east side of 9777685! I think i’ve seen you in the canteen 😉 Please keep the hilarious song reviews coming! Love em…Dawny 😉

  2. I say it about Australia – and I’ve lived here all my life. THIS life, that is. Last life I was on a little known planet on the outer reaches of Galaxy 9777685, and that’s what I call home.