‘Superstitious Waffle’ about The Wonder of 3’s

Go 33

Ohhhhh sweet sweet 33!

[Invisible Logic + Betty x The Universe + (Strange Lady – time) + 33 = Joy!]

WARNING – Lengthy essay of utter bilge below

I don’t bloody believe it!

But I do!

Aside from the fact that my belief system has no logical or empirical basis, it makes a lot of sense.

The Seeds Were Sewn

All my life I’ve had an obsession with the number 3

The first thing I remember noticing about it was the shape; I still think it’s really quite pretty.

I was born on the 3rd of the month, which I’m sure affected my subconscious around this number; and then one of my all-time favourite childhood songs was released, and it re-enforced my obsession by noting all the wonderful things about ‘3’.

The song was… ‘3 is the magic number’, by De La Soul. If you listen to the lyrics of this gem, I think you will see that 3 is marvellous; not just for me, but for the entire world!

3-wheelers! Dogs with 3 legs! Tables with 3 legs… need I go on?

Whilst I was bored one evening, I read some stuff on numerology, and low and behold my life number (whatever that might mean) is 3!

Another night I was poking around in the About.com Feng Shui section; and my super duper main number came up as…3!

For as long as I can remember, the number 3, or 33, or 333, has been somehow involved in pivotal moments in my life.

The Prediction based on The Theory

Now obviously, following the logic of this particular belief system, (that would be the)

[Invisible Logic + Betty x The Universe + Strange Lady] part.

When I turned 33; the world WOULD transform into a beautiful place full of opportunities, all of which would be ‘right up my alley’.

The Theory Gets put tut Test

Finally here I am. 33 years old.

So here’s how the theory is panning out to date…

The Happenings, Months 1 and 2!

Mere days after my birthday I logged onto my e-mail and the perfect job I applied for over a year ago, came back and applied for me! How bloody wonderful. Then I kid you not, 3 weeks after my birthday to the date, I had my interview and was offered the job 🙂

Lady 33 struck again when days later, I had a rare and random conversation with my sister-in-law, and we got chatting about the Open University, she filled me in on the increase in tuition fees. I had received several ‘THIS IS IMPORTANT e-mails’ from them about this, which I chose to ignore without opening.

My plan was to finish it NEXT year. I then quickly realised that would mean securing 6 grand’s worth of funding, (not 3!!!) (note, the 3’s!!). Funding which was coming from the discretionary/not likely/loser pot anyway, because I’m so bloody slow I no longer fit the criteria for the other pots. In a state of despair I logged onto the University quicker than greased weasel shit and guess what, I was still, but only just… in time to apply.

And just when I was thanking my lucky 3 star, and I was joyfully about to press the GO button on APPLY (FOR… European Bloody Politics), I Paused (Thank 3)…

I spotted a different course, flicked through the description; and realised that my previously planned journey through ‘European Bloody Politics’, was the most ridiculous thing I had thought up, to date. A re-read of the pooey course description confirmed I would have been more bored than I was, when I had to watch ‘Songs of Praise’ series 1… looped. For a whole day!

So I applied for the nice course and I had to call and beg/speak to the lady who holds the reigns for the monies in the unlikely pot. If I hadn’t registered this academic year, I may well have been screwed. Basically, she said, they were willing to gamble 3 grand on the idea that I may actually complete the fucking thing at some point, (3!!!!! Grand)

But they would have been much less likely to gamble 6 grand’s worth of funding in my direction,)…especially after an EVEN longer break. So it really was ‘last chance derby’!

(Quick meander…The slow are soooo vindicated!)

DO people know how amazing slugs are as a species? Or Tortoises?

The’ Two New Years Days’ section of the Theory

I had a feeling that the relevance of being 33 would be attached, not only to my birthday, but to the 31st Dec/1st of January. The 2 ‘new years’ of my year, if you get me.  Turning 33 on my actual birthday, and entering an actual new year being 33 for the first and last time. If you refer back to the earlier equation, I’m sure you can see why big old changes would come about at these times? 😉 (Symbolism of the insane maybe?)

Looking at the empirical data, I deduced that fate would send me into 2012 with the assets needed for my future, and any remaining things that were holding me back (but had sneaked through the initial birthday barrier); would be abolished before the New Year.

Just days before the countdown to midnight; ‘Mrs Fate of 3’s’ stepped in and ejected the last bad thing in my life, and she made sure the decision to ‘get it back’ was taken out my hands.

I won’t explain this good/bad oddity in detail; but last year, my bad thing was a really good thing and I needed that bad thing, in order to get here. The number 3 was present in almost every one of ‘our’ pivotal moments/memorable dates/spooky co-incidences etc. But when I reached the EXACT moment of realising it was time to close the door on ‘the bad’, I glanced up at the clock for the first time in at least 8 days, and the time was 2:10 in the morning, and the day was the 22nd of the 12th 2011.

I left with my heart in tatters, but with all my 3’s in my pocket, good old Betty…

The 3’s just keep on coming! Month 2 and 3

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder, I started looking deeper into the Chinese art of Feng Shui, and basically, according to a magic turtle who had a grid map on his back when he climbed out of a pond somewhere; the compass direction of your front door is the most important factor in the entire Feng Shui process. And guess what, with compass in my hands, I stood in the necessary position to measure the direction of my door… 333°! Would you ‘Christmas Eve it’?!

Oh and I’ve just realised that I was born at 02:10 AM, and if you add the digits together it comes to 3; and bugger me I’ve just added up all the numbers in my date of birth and the total is 330!

The ‘Shit Before the Storm’ section of the Theory

Last year I survived an ordeal that most people could never even begin to understand. Most couldn’t even relate to the horrifying feelings and emotions this induced. The terror, which I had no choice but to walk through the middle of; was/is indescribable. It was without doubt, the worst time in my life.)

And now I know why I had to go through that…

Because this year IS MY SPECIAL YEAR, it is my year to grab every further opportunity that passes my way, and the lessons I learned last year were the hardest of my life. But had I not learned them, and if they weren’t so ‘fresh’, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I wouldn’t be where I needed to be, in order to get the best out of the ‘Double 3’s’.

Pre 33, my mind needed shifting; opening; closing; and some heavy duty glasses. And my heart needed completely rewiring! Finally, I needed to be left with no doubt whatsoever that I am strong, and now I know I am.

The Theory is Only Bloody Panning Out (in spite of all the disbelievers)

So far my lucky 33 has provided me with my dream job, and led me to my final chance of finishing my degree

Lucky 33 opened my love blind eyes just in time; and just days before the 33rds New Year’s Eve.

And just generally too, 33 is being spangly to me!

The Plan for The Remaining Months of Joy-some Deliveries

This year, when my job gets tough, and my essay’s due; and the washing-up is piled around my ears, I won’t worry like I did before

Somewhere amongst all the invisible logic of this theory, the logic is what continues to save and inspire me.

I won’t be who I am now in five years, or maybe even 6 months, so I am embracing my new and current outlooks, on pretty much everything. And I’m embracing whatever state of mind I might be in for the next 8 ish months. All too soon I’ll be 34, and according to the theory, the universe will then magically switch back to being all…boringly balanced up again. (How pooey;()

Watch this space and by 2013, if I have failed my degree, been sacked, and caught herpes, finally, we will know, I am definitely full of shit ;)!

But if the year continues to go as swimmingly as it has; then I’m re-writing the logic section of the theory, so it somehow encompasses years 34 to 70! And I’m gonna take this little mind-set of mine, and roll with it ’til I’m wetting my granny pants, and getting OAP asbo’s

Oh, and as a cherry on top, I have 30 subscribers on my blog at the mo, (thank-you so much if you are one of them), and I had 6 last year. So it is looking likely that I will have 33 subscribers, in my 33rd year! Ahhhhhhhhh 😉



33 years old

Door direction – 333!

Loving the 3’s!

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