How I got a life-time reminder of my ‘Manic Ass Self’! ;)


Inflammation is that youuuuuu?

‘The Dangers of Tattoos and Bi polar’! 😉

OK, as it may be clear by the amount of random bilge I’ve been spilling of late…

I am a little bit ‘Manic’ at the moment!

I won’t attempt to explain the complexities of this little bugger of a phenomena as a whole; I’ll just touch upon this relevant symptom that it likes to create…

Flailing limbs!

Last week, I had a tattoo on my wrist, and I was chanting ‘sit still’ in my head the entire time. He had a good grip on my arm and I was kind of fixed into ‘still-nessssssss’, what with the general pain level around the ‘very important vein’s here’ area of me being stabbed with a needle.

I can tell you it’s not like having the belly done, no soft and squidgy shit sits on my bird like, ridiculous excuse for wrists!

Anyway, out of no-where, I found myself and my chair at the back of the small room!

I looked around and both my sister and the tattooist were slightly open-mouthed, and I said

“What happened there?”

Trissus said “You ‘pinged’ yourself back-wards, with your feet and the wall”

He said

“Yea you did”

He and I glanced down and he said… “That was close” 😉

Thank god for his speedy reactions.

Ahhhh…not soooo fast people, was he????

I had noticed a mild reddening around the heart area; and I thought it might be inflamed.

And now I am chuckling; because it is NOT inflammation but

Definitely a tiny but permanent reminder of my manic ass…

I have a STREAK of RED INK, about a centimetre long that was not on the original design!!!!!!

THANKS to MY speed ;0… not his; it is feint and reasonably short in length, due to me being on the other side of the room in 0.00007 of a second.

Visually, you’d never know unless I pointed it out (thank foooook and Betty); though I may well point it out, if I’m ever at a loss for conversation…

Beware the mania!

Oh how amusing for my strange little inner bird of chuckles


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