When ‘Spam turns Glam’… (Bilge Alert)

SPAM! [don't buy]

What can I say? (Except shame on me, and perhaps, sorry… to the publish button?)

In response to my post entitled ‘The Circle of Life rolls round AGAIN!’…I received this ‘gem’ of a comment. As spam goes, I thought it was pretty exceptional, in terms of its ‘chuckle value’. And what else can I say??? Except, the chuckles were sooooo long-lasting, they fuelled my desire, to reply to ‘Bigga the Bot’. You must read his comment slowly, in order to gain maximum value and understanding, from my response ;)….

Bigga’s Gem…

“I as well as our men was digesting the fantastic tips seen on internet weblog and each of an abrupt I obtained a terrible mistrust I had not depicted admiration for your requirements for anyone techniques. My personal people appeared to be entirely pleased to see these individuals and still have in place essentially been recently using those ideas. Appreciate your simply being basically very helpful and then for having one of these type of remarkable recommendations an incredible number of everyone is really desirous to learn about. Your truthful sorry for not revealing admiration in order to earlier”

My Response

Really? What? You, AND all your men were reading my page?

Ohhhh luv, that terrible mistrust sounds awful…I feel for you, I do…

I can’t say that my requirements have changed much in life. I’ve always had an intrinsic need for ‘anyone techniques’. They have always been the only one’s I’ve found useful, personally

I’m really chuffed that both yourself, and your peoplessssss, we’re pleased to see some individuals. I’m not sure what individuals you’ve seen… but I would say; still having them in your place now, is pushing things a bit.

Ahhhhhh, now I see. You are observing ALL the humans who need ‘anyone techniques’, as a base requirement for life… Sorted.

Re: All my helpfulness…you are welcome…it’s been a pleasure!

And I like to recommend all ‘anyone techniques’ whenever I can; so again you’re welcome. It was no trouble.

I was admittedly shocked; to find out that so many were desirous to learn about me!

And your right, I am truthful sorry…proper truthful sorry, that I did not reveal my admiration for you earlier Bigga, and I’m sorry I didn’t do things in order. Or do them earlier…

Will you ever forgive me?

The End

(I did warn you dear people, remember the BILGE ALERT 😉 Insanity lurks, and it makes my sense of humour even stranger than normal! ;))

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  1. Clownonfire! Thanks for following and commenting, it’s muchly appreciated and … Ohhhh I am sooo chuffed that i’m not the only one to find this, highly amusing! Dawny 😉