Confessions of a Blogger…’Ohhhh father forgive me?’

Confession (film)

Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

I am responsible for at least 50 (or maybe even up to 57) hits; to my own page

I have voted for myself before, TWICE! The first vote was a ‘nudge’ styleee one ;). The 2nd is less confessional in style, because I have a bit of an OCD fetish with yellow, orange and red; they need to be in ratio/balance with my viewing tastes. And the screen needed some orange to soothe my anxiety (my lovely vote stars are orange; you can press on them to see the beauty if you like. I find 5 works best, visually of course ;))

I would like to UNCONFESS to liking my post entitled ‘It takes 7 seconds to fall in love, does it??!’ I was logged in a few weeks ago and I got one of them beautiful little orange notifications (god they excite me) and apparently, I (littlebeut333) had just read and liked my own post!

(Insert to WordPress…this is not helpful to my ‘blog cred’)

I DID like my own post about being a tree, and I shamelessly slapped myself on the bottom of it, in the ‘like’ area.

I have clicked LIKE on around 6-8 posts from other bloggers, after just skimming their work. Shocking, I know!

At least 2 of the blogs I’ve subscribed to, well; I did so because I was more seduced by the amount of likes they had on their page! And less seduced by tut content

(I’m bowing my head, in marketing induced shame)

I have called in sick at least twice, just to write bilge on my blog

Naked woman laying in bed in B&W.

All naked, and bathing in shame!

I have made a conscious decision to aim for a mere scrape of a pass for the final leg of my degree, and this is definitely in part, due to my obsession with my pretty page. (Please help me prioritise, someone? Anyone?)

Right, I’m exposed enough now; I’m getting out of the confession box and going back to referencing the poooey essay… which is stealing MY BLOGGING TIME!!!

Father forgive me…

8 responses

  1. Ok ykou’re forgiven. Oh sorry, I forgot, I’m not God. By the way if I looked like you I wouldn’t mind taking pictures of myself with no clothes on either. That’s not a suggestive comment, just a fact.

  2. Ahhh thanks alot Cozziscorner, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m now watching Erin Brok’ instead of referencing, and I have one beady eye on the ‘orange notification of joy section’..there’s no hope for our species lol, Dawny 😉

  3. Oh thank god for that TheOthers1, I thought they were the rules but I wasn’t sure lol 😉 thanks so much for commenting and ‘liking’…Dawny 😉