Erin Brockovich is my Hero…This deleted scene confirms it! ;)

Film poster for Erin Brockovich (film) - Copyr...

Julia as Erin...

For anyone who doesn’t know about this amazing lady, this is how she became famous in a nutshell.

Without any legal training whatsoever, she kicked corporate ass to the tune of billions. Because the bastards at ze corporation, murdered thousands of people with their dirty poisonous vile chromium 6. She is a ‘ballsy’, american, deep south drooling, foul-mouthed angel; with more heart than Mother Theresa, and more ‘real life balls’ than Jack Nicholson’s ‘fake life balls’ in his role as Colonel Jessop in ‘A Few Good Men’…

Remember how scared you were the first time you heard him scream?

“I’m gonna rip your head off and piss in your dead skull Caffy, you fucked with the wrong marine”

Jack Nicholson in the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene

I, for one, was foooooooooking petrified. And she is more formidable than Jack…

The women in the office hate her, throughout the film/true life… they constantly club together and do their best to make her life a misery, whilst she ‘traps off’ periodically at them, for their cruel playground antics.

Her mouth is pretty controversial to say the least, and it’s not uncommon for her to be heard calling her boss a ‘fucking asshole’ every 5 seconds or so in the film/real life

So; that’s what you need to know to appreciate the joyous humour in this deleted scene 😉

I have just watched it for the first time and I’m roaring my ass off, and also sharing the love with you!

Start Scene…

She is trying to exit the office with a massive box of papers and bags etc, and she is ungraciously scrabbling for the door handle and missing it every time; dropping the boxes; then the bags, picking them up and starting again…trying to reach the handle. All the women/wolves are staring at her like an exhibit from the zoo (instead of helping) and she screeches out this classic phrase, whilst bent double, in her mini mini skirt. I feel she manages to make this taboo and sometimes highly controversial word, somewhat beautiful…

As she looks right into their eyes and hollers

“I don’t suppose any one of you cunts could open the door for me?”

Needles to say the question was rhetorical in nature, and she opened the door herself and left, as the camera panned round to 4 agape silent mouths

End Scene.


I bloody LOVE her 😉

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