The Curse of the Blogging Student…


English: This is a cover of the novel, the curse.

Once you’ve been exposed to writing for your own, unrestrained narcissistic pleasure, your studies will be ruined FOREVER!

I used to enjoy the challenge of finding the ‘bestest’ and most eloquent phrases to explain my evidence

There was a day when I felt passion typing sentences like this :-

Dahlgren and Whiteheads diagram (Bird and Whitehead, 2012, p. 51) includes age, constitution and sex; drawing the powerful medical discourse, into the analysis. Marmot’s wide concept of the causes of health inequalities; allows all the evidence from different socioeconomic circumstances, to be considered in relation to health.

Until; the discovery of blogging. I found myself spreading my little writing wings, and I got to ramble on about sociology and Erving Goffman, whilst slipping in phrases such as ‘Trust the Goff’ and ‘He was one of the spangliest social thinkers ever to grace our pooey earth’…


Now that I have experienced the joy of being able to write spangly in a sentence

Now that I’ve been exposed to the wonder of being allowed to wink when I’m writing…well; my essays of joy have become


In spite of all the bilge I write here, I have never been so drained and bored, reading my own shite, as I was this morning (hard to believe I know ;))

An Essay concerning Humane Understanding in fo...

I am currently nine essays away from jumping over the barbed wire fence of poxy academia…FOREVER!  This grossly negative; whining; whinging view of writing essays is due to…Blogging/Lucifer’s cousin 😉

Lucifer aside, I blame Word Press ;), and I may well contact them to see if they are willing to compensate for the ill-health they have plunged me into (culture is one of the social determinants of health, and this Word Press blog culture is mildly ruining my life; with its joy/torture balance!)

Oh and please note… how utterly intelligent I sounded up above; talking about culture and the social determinants of health? Except, not really… and here’s why…That was a mere 47 words of knowledge

I have just finished writing 2200 words on a subject I know very little about. This didn’t happen to me before I had a pretty page!

Instead of reading course materials for two weeks and writing for two weeks, I now read blogs for 10 days, skim read course material for approximately three days; absorbing roughly 10% of the information into my addled brain. Then I spend 4 days solid, attempting to ramble on for five pages about the social determinants of health, based on my NON knowledge of them. ..

For the past year I have been happily typing exactly what I want, when I want, about what I want. I sometimes reflect upon the knowledge I’ve gained during my studies, but the devil that is blogging, allowed me to share this knowledge in a less painfully academic way. I don’t have to reference my information on this pretty page, I get to spout my opinions without backing them up, I’ve been running around tut ‘Bloggusphere’; sharing the knowledge/love using my natural language/Dawny dictionary, and this has fully exposed me to joyous/dark side of writing bilge.

I didn’t even feel a glimmer of joy when I submitted the swine. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I’m learning. I love reading about society in all its forms. BUT NOW, I really do not like writing essays, AT ALL

Damn you Word Press


Bless you Word Press

I love you again now; cos after reflection and a re-read… I’ve just realised that in a few months time, I will have swallowed the dry old concepts known as ‘the social determinants of health’; swilled them around in my strange little head, and one day they will pop back up, having undergone a Goffman Style translation into Dawny. Mixed up with a little bit of philosophical musings on the issues, and I will again, LOVE showering you with knowledge on the underdogs of society (lucky you ;))

Until then, damn you Academia for making me write in such uncreative ways.

Beware People! Once you’ve been exposed to the indulgent side, there’s no going back to sounding like you know what the fooooook you’re talking about, in the real world.

University go away…Bring me back, bring me spangly, and bring me bilge!

Who needs a BA when I already have a PHD in delivering crap? Oh yea, ME!!!

Cos for some reason, NOBODY wants to pay me for the wisdom I spill here! I can’t imagine why 😉

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