Words are no use whatsoever really…Not for understanding!

Juño is a word with great meaning, which only ...

Come Again Please?

Today’s random thoughts on ‘making sense’.

For every word of every language, there are multiple dictionary definitions, as well as the other definitions that are formed by our individual brains and experiences…

When discussing this earlier, this example explained the human ‘part’

Boy says…..’I’m shy’…..He says this with a whole host of memories, and feelings, and experiences, which have shaped his meaning of shy

Girl hears……’I’m shy’……She then processes this with her whole host of memories, and feelings, and experiences, which have shaped her meaning of shy

Their own understanding’s of ‘shy’ are different……as are the implications that the word ‘shy’ holds.

Now if every word has mass multiple definitions AND meanings, you then have to consider that people and their circles, naturally use words, with a COMPLETELY different meaning to the dominant and/or dictionary one’s, as they form their own little language communities. They then use these words OUTSIDE of their circles, when talking to people who have no idea WTF they meant by that 🙂

After all this confusion…

Sift through tone, intent, sarcasm, overall ‘sentence’ meaning, mood, personality, sense of humour etc etc

Hidden Words

Then all you need to do is sift through people’s lies, truths, privacy, openness, boundaries, big and little intentions, unspoken sentences, damage, reasons, wants, needs, desires and you’re there!…….What an impossible mission ;0

I have always found enormous solace in the company of animals and now I know why. How the foooooooooooook did we make it so complicated, to simply interact with our fellow species members?

Even with the assistance of dictionaries…Sometimes we are Stoooooooooooooooooopid Humans!

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