Ripping Innocent Daisies to Shreds!

English: This is the real Petal. All the other...

Girls, do you think I'm in there or what?

Little girls play this game;

They played it when I was tiny; I played it when I was tiny; and they still play it now…

They pick a flower from the ground, and one after the other; they pull off every petal

Each time they tear away a pretty petal, from its life force…

They say the words

He loves me!?…

He loves me not!?

He loves me!?…

He loves me not!?


Personally, I think this game speaks volumes about how girls and boys view love.

(Alert – Huge sweeping generalisation or two, on the way)

Girls feel powerless in love and life; unless they are loved back. And when they are loved back, they set sail.

It takes decades for women to define themselves in any other way; than to be seen as desirable in a man’s eyes. It takes centuries (i.e. never for most of us) to realise that we have worth, outside of relationships.

So to counter this; next time you find your 48 year old ass, sitting on the grass; and you’ve picked 7 petals off of a poor innocent daisy

Remember the chant of the 8th petal ;)…

Whether he loves me or loves me not,

If loving him, is a process I cannot stop,

This does not make me weak, it doesn’t make me lesser,

Love is soooooo not personal; he may just fancy my brother,

But if I’ve learnt to love, to really love another,

Then I’m stronger than my sisters… and equal to our brothers,

Does he love me?! or Does he love me not!?


Either way I’ll live and thrive; I want but do not NEED… a frog!

2 responses

  1. Hey Beautiful, you make a very valid point here and for all the men who feel the same, I’d sing them the same chant, but with a suitable replacement for a frog! A princess maybe? 😉 Dawny

  2. Ok I’ll leave the poor daisies alone! But men feel bad about being on their own, too. They feel like the last one on the pile that nobody wants. Only, they don’t take it out on daisies like women do.