‘Amy and The Mice’ – An Alternative Take


English: Baby mice about a day old

Of all the Amy Winehouse footage to cause a wave of disapproval, this video sits up there with best of them

In order to see the beauty that I see in this scene, you must first remove the judgements you already have about Crack and its use (although it is worth noting that Crack is probably the most likely drug to cause aggression). If you can’t remove your judgements; try swopping the word crack for wine (which also causes aggressive outbursts)

And re-classify her status more loosely; as a little bit ‘worse for wear’ (legally of course)

Then check out the video Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty on drugs – YouTube.

Or read the manuscript below, complete with stage cues and action descriptions

What I see is : – heart, endless wit, depth of passion, fun, boundless amounts of life, imagination, creativity, laughter, beauty, friendship, a unique and highly sweet soul, the interaction of two friends, love, vulnerability, fascination, curiosity, loyalty, care and protection…This is what I see, black fingers or no black fingers. Can you?

(Amy is in green, Pete in orange, Both together in red)

Amy collects a box of baby mice from the back of the room


“Oh my gawd its gone psychadelic”

“These are the”

“These are the rest of them”

“I think there’s about 30” (Amy and Pete peer into the box, and then gently pick up a mouse each, placing them carefully and safely onto one of their fingers; and then they smile at each other with astonishment at the ‘mouse cuteness’)

“Oh my god”

“These ones; I didn’t mean to take home”

Pete sings to the mouse on his finger“Its a new dawn, its a new day its a new life”

Amy sings to her mouse….“This is the dawning of a new mouse life”

They both sing together“This is the dawning of a new mouse life”

“Look at the wiggly wibble”

“Haaaa” (They both stare and say Haaaa with baby voices, overwhelmed by the cuteness once again)

(the mice are moving on their fingers) “Wiggly wibble”

“Oh my gawd”

The scene turns into a puppet show of sorts; Amy and Pete place their mice in front of their faces and begin talking...

“Daddy Daddy”

“Heya Bubs”

Amy starts worrying about the mouse and says “Be very careful with him”


“Call me immature, call me a poser, I love this ???” (Pete sings over Amy and you don’t get to hear what she loves quite yet)

“He looks like Johnny Darell when he’s just got out of the bath” (Amy disagrees, she says not)

“Its not, its like willy”

“Ahhh look at the veins; you can see the blood pumping round the body”

(Back to the puppet show)


“Oh my gawd”

“Amy and Pete place the two mice together for a smooch; and they make kissing noises)

“Kissy kissy” (they both say together)

“Oh this one’s got a message for Blake”

“Oh yea?”

(Amy clears the throat of the mouse and herself, still in puppet fashion…The mice are the stars of the show)

“Blake please don’t divorce mummy, ahhhhh she loves you ever so, oh wait wait, hang on, my big brother wants to say something”

(Pete says this in a threatening big brother protective tone) “Yea, oh yea.. you do divorce her, and you’ll have me to deal with

“Noooooo”Amy defensively hollers Noooo; as she does not take well to people speaking ill of Blake, or speaking to him in shitty tones, she then has a re-think and realises what Pete said is OK as a mesage to her man)

“Yea, he says if you divorce her, you’ll have me to deal with”

“I’m only a day old, I don’t know what i’m doing.. but I know what love is”

(Dawny melts every time; with warm and fluffy stuff overload)

End Scene…hardly aggressive!  (I love you Winehouse)