Ten Line Tootys! Come play in ze hay ;) Writing Challenge 4 (2012)

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How Rude! 🙂

I’ve made up a game; as I’m 33 years old I’m gonna call it a writing challenge

Please come and play with me; word-pressers of the world

The Rules to each TEN LINE TOOTY

  1. Choose ten random sentences, from your last ten posts (1 from each)
  2. Put them together in date order (newest at the top) and then you have to make a coherent story out of them, with as few fill words as possible!
  3. Highlight the random sentences in your post

I will be the marker…I’m a very nice marker 😉 (I joke)

Play play yay?

Here’s my first shot at a TEN LINE TOOTY! (I’ll stick these on my Dawny’s mini seriessss page when I’ve stopped wallowing in mental health pity!)

The Start

The Third Meeting for NHS Service Users and Healthcare Professionals

The Agenda

1)      The discussion of the new ‘anti loon’ pills trial

2)      The current side effects of arthritic medication

3)      The Art donations for the month

Persons Present – Dr Hall, Dr Pratrowski (assisting Dr Hall). Services Users Annie; Brenda; Sarah; Amy; and Harry

Minutes: – Brenda

Dr Hall begins the meeting

“Annie, can we start with an update from yourself, on the anti loon pills trial?

“Well doctor; they’ve had quite a strange impact on my demeanour. It’s been heaven and hell, much like the last batch. I guess without this hell that I periodically go through…I may well be an emotionally detached robot. And that would be a truly shocking state of affairs”

“Thank-you Annie, very helpful”

“Sarah; how have you found the new arthritis medication. Were more interested in the physical realm of your side effects”

Sarah replied “I guess this time, the tears for you came with fresh eyes; I cried for the pain I caused you, all the time.”

Doc rolled his eyes and tried to ignore the multiple eye rolls of the group members. “Sarah, we’ve been through this” (doctor hollers at his assistant to bring the notes from the last meeting, and reads from them)

“I quote… I Sarah Dane, have not been romantically involved with the doctor of analgesics, Dr Hall, like ever”

Sarah said “Sorry doctor”… and then slid under the table

“Blake please don’t divorce mummy, ahhhhh she loves you ever so, oh wait wait, hang on, my big brother wants to say something” (Amy and Harry had become spare brother and sister to each other at these meetings)

Amy was always interrupting; she was only here to tick the boxes on her parole license. And Brenda was steaming with indignant rage, the doctor felt it and said “Amy we will get to you in good time; interrupting is not pro social behaviour”

The board and the service users tutted simultaneously

“OK we’ll wrap up on the medication for the time being. Now, service users, what do you think of this week’s donations in the art realm? I particularly liked the original watercolour, the one with a lady on it; she’s got a pole sticking out of her head. I thought it’d look lovely in the treatment waiting room, Brenda have you seen it?”

“Darling, it doesn’t go with the wallpaper, sorry” said Brenda


The silence was broken by Amy again; she screeched

“WTF??? Do any of you even know who has a hose pipe or an outside tap in your street?”

Doc calmly said “Amy that is not appropriate language for this style of meeting. Dr Pratrowski, please photocopy your handout on pro social behaviour and give Amy ANOTHER copy”

“Certainly doctor Hall” replied Pratrowski

Tut tut tut ricoqueted around the room

OK back to medication…”Harold, how have you found the new ‘anti loon’ pills? You’re on the same ones as Annie I believe, and how have things been this week?

“There is a gang of criminals wreaking havoc in my town; they have links with the people who work at the local nut house, which is sensitively named ‘Hellesdon’ Hell – Don – Devil’s Mafia – All not great.” …Said harry

“Harry, I can’t thank you enough for bringing the Hells Mafia element to my consciousness. It’s always great to have one bonafide nutter on the board. Perhaps you could contribute by suggesting a less ambiguous address title for our nut-house”

Harry smiled and brimmed with pride at the idea of him doing something so important and he cried

“I’m basquing in the heat of appreciation; and I am toasty toasty tooooasty!”

Annie looked Stressed; although the Doc had told her Countless times to just relax.

Brenda was overtly disgusted at Amy’s attitude, sooo cocky. Amy was trying to whisper to Harry and failing. Brenda heard her say to him “I’m a foooking, Boundless, Fearless, Princess”; and again, she bit her lip to prevent herself saying something terrible in front of a DOCTOR!!!

The doctors assistant, Pratrowski…leaned over and whispered in his ear

”Make sure you allow each one to win; when it really needs to”

The End

Daaa Daaaaaa! Me loves this new game! If you do play, pretty please send me a link 😉 Danke…

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