“If your partner is ‘Crazy’, run for the hills” (The World, 2012) … How Rude!

Cover of "Crazy People"

That would be everyone then?

I decided to do a little bit of research into my love life a few weeks ago

And I typed ‘why am I attracted to crazy people’ into Google. (Please note, I wasn’t presuming I am remotely sane when I typed it…So it was more a ‘2 way’ research jobby ;))

Anyhoo, by the time I’d reached the bottom of page 2, I was a broken woman!

Firstly, it would seem that only women are deemed nutters, as every bleeding article for 2 pages was about crazy women…I’ve met my fair share of nutters and around half were male! As you might expect

Second…There was advice from a whole range of people – laymen, the experienced and broken hearted. The young, the old, and the professional experts…they all had something to say

The advice varied enormously, but the final thoughts added up to the same thing EVERY SINGLE TIME…

‘If your partners crazy run for the hills!’ (Summarised)

If you replaced crazy with ‘black’ or ‘wheelchair bound’, there would be 68 petitions banning the article… directly underneath it

But ohhhh no, not for the crazy people, leave them to rot ay? Even psychologists are throwing out this advice

Such empathy and warmth?

I was semi disgusted to be honest

And in defence of all the crazy people, let me tell you that the people who have changed my life the most have been crazy, the biggest and most necessary lessons I could have hoped to learn, have only been learnt because I am crazy. And I stand by the fact that every single nutter that I’ve loved, has been more than worthy of ooooodles of love, and I not them… was a fool for leaving. Crazy people change the world too, they inspire people, and they step outside the boxes all the time (normally cos they can’t see them ;)). Oh and they are PEOPLE! NORMAL PEOPLE! And they generally interest others, far more than half of the boring soul-less folk, that I’ve met and known along life’s journey…

How foooookin rude of the world to write off…themselves!

Dawny says….If you love a nutter; if you really love a nutter…Then stay and be there, and love them enough to accept their wildly insane side… cos the one’s you really need to worry about are the ones who appear sane. Sane is an absolute fallacy, and there isn’t one human out there who is not extreme in one way or another! And the ones who appear most sane, the stable folk…well; they are the prime candidates for losing the plot for no apparent reason, and launching into the ‘dark and twisty’s on a profound level!

We’re all just one step away from crazy, at all times. JUST ONE STEP! That is all it takes and generally, life pushes you passed said step… at some point long before you ‘peg it’.

Love the crazy people too please, at least they’ll take you on a rollercoaster journey to heartbreak, as opposed to a sunday afternoon poodle in a Morris Minor with a busted clutch!

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  1. Hey Oh controversial one! I apologise for not replying sooner, pooter probs! This joyous/hideous 😉 comment mini enraged ‘anti-labels’ Dawny, but I wont go into an explanation here as I replied via a whole new post! 🙂 2nd sorry for doing the post and the reply in the wrong order, I honestly wasn’t being rude, blame Vine and bleeding Leech-Block! I miss a youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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  3. The article is right and wrong at the same time.
    I too wouldn’t advise anyone to love a crazy person as most people aren’t capable of it.
    In order to love a crazy person, you first have to love yourself, as the love you receive from a crazy person, or at least the perception of it, may be entirely different than one would expect. It may also manifest itself in many indirect manners, which some people find hard to accept.
    It takes two things to love a crazy person, well three actually, strenght, patience, acceptance and self love. I guess that’s four, i really should learn how to count one of these days.
    But then applying to love a crazy person is like applying to join the special forces, it’s not for anyone and only those who are worthy will find it the most rewarding job in the world