Nature’s healing has been skewed to buggery… by mankind


Heroin-Addict Chases the Dragon

For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed that nature provides everything we need and want as humans, and if we lived in sync with nature, instead of destroying it..I personally think we would live better and easier lives

This extends all the way from Cows to Bees to Ice and Sunshine, through to Trees, Cocoa Plants and Heroin

Please note that the information I’m now gonna spout out, is based on A LOT of research and academic study, I am not ‘spilling’ just my opinion here, I promise…

Poppies are the only crop that can be grown naturally in Afghanistan, as well as many other areas in the middle east and beyond. I don’t believe this happened accidentally…we need opioids

Fact – Heroin in its purest form is less harmful to the body than sugar (Please let me know if you’d like the evidence links, I’ve bookmarked them but I’m too lazy to slam them in tut post ;))

Poppies are the worlds most powerful healer, and their ‘magic juice’ (Opioids/Heroin/Morphine) etc, has never been matched by mans attempts at creating pain relief, Man is still no-where near to the poppies. Not to mention the side effects of chemical warfare/western medication!

I went to the doctors yesterday and they have new photos of plants all over the walls, with lists of their healing properties and other uses. This is (of course) nowt new for those wise souls in the East of the planet. They know that if you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find a plant nearby to pacify the venom, to some degree

Hemp can create 99.8% of everything we already make. Hemp is basically Marijuana (

Society warps the way we use and view mind altering chemicals, humans and animals have been self medicating with drugs (including alcohol) since the beginning of time; yet no-one at the top seems to be willing to accept the idea that we are hard-wired to do this as humans. What does prohibition do? Except ruin the lives of those who choose to ingest something, that can only damage their own health.

Just like alcohol and alcoholism, drug use in all its forms is a health issue; and the big-wigs have the power to provide CLEAN SAFE drugs, but instead they choose to ignore the 1000’s of heroin addicts who die of dirty hits. They ignore the 1000’s who accidentally overdose, just cos the batches they buy on the street vary so much in strength. They note these deaths down as ‘heart attacks’ and move on. They ignore the traffickers…and the child porn and the exploitation that SOME drug money fuels. And apparently the answer to this is to run around smashing doors down, and arresting those who grow plants in their loft for a bit of extra cash!

MDMA was used in therapy for years before the American government banned it; and they broke every law in the book when they classified it as a ‘Class A’ drug. A ‘Class A’ must have NO MEDICINAL worth/gain/positive effects. Yet 100’s of therapist reported 6 months worth of progress in just 3 sessions, when their clients ingested MDMA before the sessions. 6 MONTHS, in 3 HOURS

nature todayIt can’t be used for good AT ALL once its illegal… and they know this! THEY KNOW IT!

I am writing 4 pieces on the medicinal effects of Heroin, Ecstasy, Alcohol and Marijuana and they will be here soon, but before I post them, I wanted to get this thought track out there… for you to mull over

Drugs are not a bad thing per se’

Drug use is natural and actually healthy in moderation (‘All work and no play’ does not make a healthy society, it makes a depressed bunch of exploited souls who are too miserable to smile at their next door neighbours

Just man defines and redefines them as bad, over and over again

And eventually, the muck sticks and then your up against a world of ignorance

I’m not saying lets all get jacked up and crawl round the floor, I’m just saying I think it should be a choice; and the choice should not involve the risk of death, when it could be reduced to the risk of…eating a bag of sugar over 2 years!

When Did Ignorance Become A Point Of View?

A life is a life, whether addicted to something or not, we are all equally deserving of health. As a right and as a resource; part of this lies in the PRACTICAL controlled use of all natures substances, but alas, things will not change

Because modern society is obsessed with the regulation of Fun! Expression! Life and Diversity!

It’s the fun police versus nature nowadays, it’s non-sensical, idiotic, damaging and it grips my shit!

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