Amy Winehouse drunk in ‘St Lucia’ – An alternative take


Singer Amy Winehouse

Another highly controversial Amy clip – The St Lucia Jazz Festival

‘Amy and her solid gold dance moves’

Of all the people who wishes she hadn’t drunk so much, I’ve gotta be up there with the top ten percent, surely?

I even understand the Elvis loving fruit bats of the world now, due to my Amy adoration levels. My loyalty forces me to state – I am not mocking Amy here, or making light of her drinking. I am celebrating her for what she was…bloody hilarious on and off stage. Sober, pissed or high as a kite.

And I feel no shame at all, saying she used to have me in stitches, in all her varying states…

Except Serbia

What sickens me is the number of people who have uploaded and watched her final gig there. She was so scared you can see her actually cuddling herself, and physically reaching out with her tiny little arms, for hugs from her band…hugs from her friends.

It is clear to me that she was seriously mentally unwell, and not just intoxicated. But; in true media fashion, they didn’t bother promoting the clip of her 5 minutes before…when she wasn’t showing any signs of being drunk (just falling apart mentally!) Before the drink hit her system that night, she was terrified and it leaks out of her in that clip…once was too much for me.

And now she’s dead.

And all the funny clips of her a little worse for wear, are a lot further down the list on YouTube, because dozens and dozens of people have uploaded (and are still watching) that abomination!

Anyway, enough ranting 😉

Back to – ‘Amy and Dawny’s fluffy stuff collection’

Amy Amy Amy in St Lucia

When I saw this gem for the first time, I belly laughed for a good 20 minutes straight; and I re-watched it for hours on and off (mostly on if I’m honest)

Again, much like the mice fiasco, I am filled with warm and fluffy stuff overload, every time I watch this performance and here is what I see…Do you?

Everything she does from beginning to end, shows how uncomfortable she was with the spot-light, and how wonderfully unpolished she was. Even drunk and uninhibited, she’s so unaware of her wonder that she keeps forgetting who the main singer is. Only realising when she sees the lonely old microphone and stand at the front of the stage. Several times she wiggles over to it with an expressions that screams

‘Oh yea, shit, I’m meant to be singing again I think’

She comes onto the stage like she’s walking from the bathroom to her bedroom, at 3am after a piddle.

She is stood like a bloke, and her little pins are hanging out the bottom of her dress, fully displaying her ‘Mick Jagger’ styleee moves of this particular night, not forgetting her trademark cowboy stance and her amazing wiggles.

Can you imagine Christina Aguilera or Madonna being so unaware of their demeanour and general posture? 😉

When she is distracted, she’s not pulling her knickers out of her butt crack on the sly, or getting her pout just right. She’s dancing with her boys…She ‘totters’ away from the microphone 2 or 3 times mid verse, to attempt some of the moves from their routine (Check her out at 4.05 for the dancing highlight of all time) 😉

It’s so clear to me that she had no ability to see herself as anything else than – lesser or equal…

Never more

She never felt important enough to be anywhere, but the need to sing burnt in her so brightly, it was as necessary to her health as water is to ours. She had to sing to survive, so she almost forced herself up on stage, and it always took a few songs before she lost the ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

1.40 seconds in

She finally realises she’s meant to be singing but she’s forgotten the lyrics, so she hollers to one of the guys in the band (discretely of course ;)) to remind her how the song goes. Then, instead of singing it back to him, in his direction (which is standard practice) she spins round to finally face the right way… sings the first line full volume into the microphone and then stops!

and shouts In her booming Camden town tones, ‘Is that it? Is it? OK Right?’

It really seems like she’s gonna sing any second, she counts and everything… ‘5,6’…THEN she forgets who she is AGAIN, and hops over to the right of the stage for another jig with her backing singers

Amy in her Cowboy Glory (2007)

She is just enchanting, is she not?

She is everything that everyone else isn’t. And magically so, in my eyes at least…In this clip, she’s not off her face, she’s well oiled and it warms my cockles. Lets not forget that Amy loved live gigs the most, she loved St Lucia as much as home, and she loved getting trollied. She was at her happiest here, so I don’t feel sad or hypocritical celebrating the drunk Amy, even though she died with alcohol in her system. Because, I don’t think she died of drink. She died cos she was too deep and too special to cope… with the madness that descended on her when fame hit.

She was the original naughty rock chick (of jazz)

Remembering someone with love is about remembering them for all that they were, If I only reminisced over the socially acceptable memories of Amy, I wouldn’t be doing her memory any justice at all…

She loved a drink and sometimes she was outta control, but lets face it, you can soooo get away with being wrecked if your also 1,765,993 other amazing things at all times. Ohhhh she’s an Angel!

I Love you ‘Mrs cowboy pants Winehouse!’

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