An update on my post entitled ‘If your partner is ‘Crazy’, run for the hills’


Eyes of the Insane

I wrote a post this week entitled ‘If your partner is ‘Crazy’, run for the hills (The World, 2012)… How rude!

Here is the comment it generated (all comments are appreciated but this one gripped my appreciative shit!)

“The article is right and wrong at the same time.
I too wouldn’t advise anyone to love a crazy person as most people aren’t capable of it.
In order to love a crazy person, you first have to love yourself, as the love you receive from a crazy person, or at least the perception of it, may be entirely different than one would expect. It may also manifest itself in many indirect manners, which some people find hard to accept.
It takes two things to love a crazy person, well three actually, strength, patience, acceptance and self-love. I guess that’s four, i really should learn how to count one of these days.
But then applying to love a crazy person is like applying to join the special forces, it’s not for anyone and only those who are worthy will find it the most rewarding job in the world”

I can honestly say I was enraged when I read this, and also very touched at the army reference ;), but both reactions did little to stem the massive thought trail that followed

I quote from the comment…It takes patience, strength, acceptance and self-love…..[to love a crazy person]. Yes it does, not just to love the crazy people and not just to love the sane….but to love both

In fact, oddly, I almost repeated this line in my post entitled ‘First love to last’…What becomes of the broken-hearted?

So in defence of my initial argument

Everyone has a bucket full of faults. If you date a bitch, a real bitch, she will tell everyone your secrets, she may cheat on you, she will tell the world if you have a small penis and she will feel no remorse for her actions. (Soooooo sanely healthy)

Just Another Asshole 1981 LP cover

If you date an inherent asshole, he will relish in feeding you lines, he will fully enjoy giving you false hope, knowing the whole time that he’s gonna leave you when someone better comes along

(Sooooo sanely healthy)

At least 75% of the crazy people I know do not do these things to people. They are made to feel so worthless for being crazy, they generally put up with all sorts, due to belief that they are lesser than the bitches and inherent assholes they date

Also, what’s interesting is, many people are crazy as coots but they never go official. They don’t have a title of madness, but they’re no less crazy than the official loons…Yet, because they have no title, they’re easier to love apparently?

As I’m crazy and disgusted/moved by the comment, (but more than that), as I’m soooooo disgusted at the idea that it is socially OK to say these things about the ‘tapped of mind’ (cos we’re not Black, Asian, Polish or wheelchair bound)

I’m gonna tell you what I see as faults and qualities in myself

Crazy facets 1

My temper is vile

My perception is often warped

I have a vicious tongue

I over react

I have few social skills

I need a lot of alone time

I am out of control and impossible to control. I am secretive about my madness, through fear that I will chase people off (confirmed by Google) if they find out

(I believe sane people have all these faults too)

Crazy facets 2

I am very open minded

I am extremely accepting and understanding of people’s neurotic tendencies

Due to my multiple crazy levels, and the ensuing therapy… I am probably more in touch with my behaviour and its consequences, than the sane

Normal facets

I am loyal and loving

I avoid hurting people more than I avoid being run over by a bus

I don’t place judgements on people, where the sane throw them out like sweeties

I have experienced so much extremity, that I cope with the normal, far better than a lot of people I know

I am kind

I rarely lie because I have a whole new face styleee… ’ liar face’

I long for peace

I have cheated on partners in the past, and I would NEVER do it again. The reason why is because I feel pain on an extreme level, therefore, I understand the pain I inflict on others, I have ooooodles of empathy


Crazy Love (Hawk Nelson album)

I shall end poignantly 😉

I may be crazy but I’m not a bitch and I’m not an inherent asshole…

But hey, I’m still lesser and I’m still harder work to love, cos a set of ignorant and useless psychiatrists placed labels on my nature

(Arrrrgggghhhhh again) Over and Ooooooooot!

2 responses

  1. Christ alive, that must have been unbelievably hard! I can’t imagine all 3 combined, even with my open mind, I’d have said run for the hills too…Dawny 😉

  2. I’m not a bit crazy, or an asshole or even a bitch really – makes me really boring! But my ex partner was all of those, and that was hard for me. That said, he was pretty damn exciting. So maybe crazy people are just more inherently interesting than the rest of us sane types!