Swopping one addiction for another – Blogger to Buyer!


I’d go as far as to say – my addiction to Word-Press is mini destroying my life 😉

I’ve never been great at controlling my addictions when they’re in full force, however, I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful man/full on hubby called Vine to counter this problem. He enlightened me on the current levels of cleverness in the realm of technology!

Did you know you can get freeeeee software that limits the amount of time you can spend on certain sites? Yes you probably do (I know I’m a bit slow)

My initial reaction was

“Ooooooo No Vine! I’m not very good at being controlled; I can do it on my own”

THEN…after 24 solid hours of being logged on to WP, I called him back to the house of Dawny, swallowed my pride and admitted that I needed the software assistance.

Off he went with his lightning fingers and just 20 minutes later, the full on love affair between DB and WP was over ;(

Now; I have two measly 1 hour slots, and one 20 minute slot per day… and not a second more!

And I can honestly say its semi eating away at my soul 😉

Also, the little bugger (Vine) thought it would be amusing to set up a default ‘nudge’…at the end of each hour

So; at 4pm and 9pm on the dot, Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind turns into the Open University log in page ;). It’s the only thing that relieves the boredom for a minute of my day…whilst I roar with laughter at the not so subtle ‘study hint’!

Anyhoo, after the word press rations were in place – In true beut’ family styleee, I hopped off to quickly find another addiction, before the hell known as boredom descended on me

Beware the pitfalls of E-Bay

I have spent £273 in 1 and a half days, the 4 new pairs of shoes now stands at 6 new pairs of shoes, and that is not including boots

I have a jungles worth of highly realistic, yet fake plants arriving any time soon

Along with 6 planters! (Posh pots)

I foolishly offered up a whole 37 bucks for a pair of 2nd hand green boots, old green boots that are exactly the same as the NEW red one’s that I made an offer on…an offer which has sadly been accepted (another 56.50 squids GONE)

It gets worse, I’m bidding on a pair of pink boots too, and I fear I’m gonna win them, plus everything else that I don’t need…that is currently sitting in my Bids/Offers page


What is wrong with me? If I do not address my aversion to boredom and life’s responsibilities soon, I’m gonna actually proper ruin my life 😉

Ohhhhhhhh this option to only do necessary shite is too much!

I’m gonna slam another 400mg of Quetiapine down my throat and sleep this section of my life away…

See you at 8.00pm and not a minute sooner!


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