Handbags and Kitchen Sinks – Anyone need an ashtray? ;)


These are some of the items I have found in my handbag, whilst searching for my purse at multiple tills

An ashtray with 7 butts in it, miraculously, it stayed the right way up all the way from my home to the cafe, and the bags contents escaped a messy ‘ashing’

The digi-box remote

The MASSIVE silver TV remote

A thick winter knee length red sparkly sock

The cats box of treats – whiskas temptations chicken and cheese flavour

A food bag with ham in it!

My large bottle/tube of cocoa butter

These are the items that have been missing from my handbag whilst searching for my purse at multiple tills

1)      My purse

2)      My debit card

3)      My cigarettes (needed at the till for easy access when leaving the shop…for stress reduction, stress caused by the purse losing)

4)      My keys

5)      My lip balm

6)      My lighter

7)      My phone

The strange thing is – I have a 7 rule plan for when I leave the house; these 7 things are minimum requirements at any given time in my life. Yet the items I’m always missing are the 7 that I’m supposed to count twice before I leave!

What I find mildly irritating 😉 and also, another example of sods law in life….is this

6 days out of 7 I successfully carry out the counting task, but the day I forget, I somehow manage to fill my bag with fairly large and definately not traditional handbag essentials. And I empty it of all (or at least 4) of my 7 essentials!

I do wonder what my brain gets up to sometimes, when I’m not watching 😉

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