More Bilge on 3,33 and 333! (Lucky you ;))




In the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the year (and of the spangly 33rd year of my little life)… the number of hits to my page hit 5,333

The categories on my page, from my blogs birthday to its first birthday, stood at 30

But this year, the addition of Amy Winehouse, The Archives and Shorts = 33 categories in my 33rd year 🙂

My rent increased from £315 to £333 per month

On the 3rd of the 3rd I thought I had been stood up ;( (poooor Dawny)

Then, my spare hubby knocked on my door with 3 roses in hand. He was gonna come the next day, but he made the effort to travel all the way to the back end of beyond, to make my 3rd day of the 3rd month of my 33rd year…very special

In the 3rd month of the year of my 33rd year, I reached 333 comments on this ‘ere page! (Thank-youuuuuuuu)

I got my new work phone in the 3rd week of the 3rd month of my 33rd year, and the number ends in 33

This is not to mention the ultra spooky 3 coincidences of 3 and 33 and 333! that I rambled on about here

It’s TRUE! Science/Numerology/History/Quantum Physics/Biology/Nature/Religion/Spirituality and WIKI said so…

And here too

Ohhhhhh the 3′s, Ohhhh the subscribers, Ohhhh nearly 33 of them! 😉 Kiss Me!

And here too

‘Superstitious Waffle’ about The Wonder of 3’s

3 and 33 and 333…Dawny loves you!!!


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