An Apology (and an explanation for my ‘Ignorance of Late’)


Mere days ago, I was naively celebrating freeeeeee software that limits the amount of time you can spend on certain sites…

And this led to Word-Press rations 😦

All was well (ish), until Vine attempted to alter the settings due to me pleading with him to give me a 2 hour slot, (as I’m sick of editing posts and adding pictures, at the speed of an amphetamine addict, before the page disappears!)

Shockingly 😉 The freeeeeee software has all gone ‘Pete Tong’! I can’t access any of word press, bar my own page, and some options on my dashboard

I can no longer check the read blogs page, I can’t browse topics, nor tags, and neither can I go to the stats page! CRUEL!

Your Lovely Stuff

So people, the little picture of me that you sometimes see on the bottom of your posts (It’s actually ‘Mr Shamone’ one of my pussycats)…is missing from your pages of joy.

Cos I can’t bloody get to them anymore ;(


As for your much appreciated comments, now that I have left conspiracy land, and you have morphed back to bloggers; as opposed to members of the SAS and the CIA 😉

I shall be lovingly replying to your thoughts, as soon as the rations allow it

The software doesn’t let me reply to comments between 2 and 3pm (the new slot), but luckily this function somehow becomes available, between 3 and 4pm

To add insult to injury, my administrator (Vine) works in London all week and he’s the only man who can fix this colossal bug of irritation. Also, the clever piece of shite known as leechblock can only be adjusted ‘on site’ during opening times.

So, basically, I’m imprisoned on my own page for the foreseeable future. Looks like I’ll be making use of my own memory lane button 😉

One day, one fine day in the future, I will read your articles once more

When leech block removes its malfunctioning pooey self, from my HUB!

Freeeeee software is always free for a reason, always!

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