I think I ‘might’ have a powerful enemy…Karma calling perhaps?


I ‘think’… because I’m not sure of the details, or the motives, or my perception of certain happenings.

And then there’s my imagination to consider…It’s all a bit confusing, but bad things are (and have been) happening, that do not really have any other explanation.

So for now, I’m going with the idea that I am sure.

I’ve spent a lot of time feeling victimised over this vendetta.

UNTIL now, because I’ve realised that somewhere along the line (without intent), I must have pissed somebody off or hurt them so badly, they feel their vengeful actions are justified

They are slowly chalking up the scores I guess, I can only guess

So who gets to say which one of us is right, and which one is wrong?

Neither or us have kudos on what constitutes the right amount of justice for a crime, all we both have, are our own perception of events

I can’t KNOW what I have or haven’t done to somebody, because only they know how they feel, and only they know why they feel that way.

So, I have decided to wait and continue to take their punishment, as and when it is dished out

I believe in Karma

So, Karma tells me that somewhere along the line, I was a bad enough human to ignite hatred in the heart of another

One of us is being unreasonable here, and I can’t presume that isn’t me

So, I’ll take it, because I’ve re-shaped it… and all I shall do, is lie down and wait, and then get back up afterwards…

As a wise old friend said to me once “If you wait long enough and you keep forgiving evil acts, you eventually ‘max out’ somebody’s ‘asshole gene’

When the punishment ends… one day in my future

At least ‘Karmically’ (if not ‘egotistically’), the tables will be re-balanced, and I won’t have to fight an invisible force anymore. Until then, I don’t look forward to the next attack, but I’m resigned and ready for it anyway

Also, I’m sorry

You might ask why I would be saying sorry, when I don’t even know what I’ve done? Or who I have done it to?

BUT, I know I’ve made mistakes and people have suffered because of them, I don’t need to know the details of my crime to know that I’m sorry, cos, knowing I have an enemy is enough to know that I owe them an apology….for whatever it is I did to them

People don’t hate you for crumbs

That doesn’t mean that their revenge plot is right

But it doesn’t mean that I am either

And you cannot expect mercy in life, due to lack of intent. You also cannot expect relative or reasonable responses to everything….For every action there is a re-action, and you never know who you are messing with

When you accidentally mess up 😦

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