If we must carry an ID card, I say we also push for dating manuals! (Here Here)


Let’s face it; privacy in all its forms is pretty much a thing of the past.

Were caught on camera 100’s of times a day (unless we live in rural Wales), whilst just bobbing about doing our daily’s.

The Big Boys and Girls know where we live, where we work, how much we have in our bank, what naughty things we’ve done etc. And last year the census reached a whole new level of poking – when they asked for a list of which citizens you had round your house, that Sunday!

Christ, every text we’ve ever sent is logged on some giant memory machine somewhere, ready and waiting to come back for us, when we need it least…

People are bugging their partners and hiding GPS trackers in their cars, to catch them cheating

All this is a bit poooooey really, BUT I think we could turn it to our advantage

See; we’ve normalised nosy bastards to the extent where I reckon – people would be well up for an ID card, accompanied by a dating manual 😉

Imagine the number of wasted evenings it would save? All those 1st 2nd and 3rd dates you’ve wasted on someone, only to find out in the 4th, that they are full of shite, and not your dream partner after all

The manual would (of course) be checked by the government for accuracy, so there would be NO room for error 😉

You would arrive at the date, looking as mighty fine as possible, drop the manual on the table for your date to read, he/she would pass his or hers back to you, and then…

You’d both go sit down on a separate table, eat a luscious meal (without necessary small talk reducing enjoyment of the dining experience) all whilst you read each other’s life stories, character traits, mistakes and successes….

And without wasting any precious time or emotion – you would both just climb out of the window in the loo


Bring on the manual I say…Let’s turn this gargantuan privacy invasion into a big old party of honesty!

Think of the time we would save; if we all just CUT THE CRAP and laid our poooey pieces on the plate (so to speak)

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