It could be worse, you could be Littlebeut333! ;)


I am a disgrace to the following :-

Will Power

Saving Money


Not Blogging

Visiting my Parents



Social Graces


The gods of – Getting out of bed-us before noon-us, even with multiple alarm-ussssssss!

Soooooooo if you’re feeling poooey, after reading this you should feel marginally better about yourself!

Although you should know, I have great shoes…GREAT SHOES; and they are probably better than yours

Apart from that, I am back to being disgraceful – all over town, relish in my inadequacy people, and there is no need to thank me!

You Are Welcome 😉

One response

  1. Dear littlebeaut,

    I have the best shoe in the world. I’ve put a picture of it on my sidebar. You’ll be SO jealous when you see it – everyone wants it, no one can have it.

    Love Dotty xxx