I offer you a journey to ‘Perfection on a Plate’…For mind, body and soul


When Amy died, my other half at the time (who really couldn’t stand her, and thought she sounded like a screaming cat!!!), tried really hard to get on board with the Amy Love, in support of me (bless him). He was very sweet with stuff like that.


(This post is a ‘mini novel’ by necessity; apologies for my long winded gene; but/plus, it’s all highly relevant content)


After days of footage, tears, ‘Dawny stories of Amy love’, footage, tears, shock, footage, footage, ‘Dawny stories, of a plethora of Amy moments’, that are stored in tut my soul. Footage, shock, tears

…footage, tears

(Oh and I narrated tooooo, through quite a lot of footage)

He made a profound statement of unbelievable ‘Amy wisdom’…This is how penetrating she was and is; even a complete ‘non fan’ couldn’t fail to see this in her.

In fact Me, Jools Holland and Jay, sat top, middle and bottom, on the fan scale (and yes, I soooo know that I love her more than Joolsy), yet we all were affected MOST by this clip out of THE LOT!

It was when he (Jay) saw her sing somebody else’s song, for the first time

(After only 6,798 hours of observation tooooo)

Please note – This is the video from my ‘Amy folder’, that moves me most. (HUGE in the world of Dawny)

It affects me differently to all the others; though I’m pretty damn affected by them all, as you may have guessed by now. It’s not my favourite; ‘cos that would be ridiculously unreasonable to make me pick a favourite, but without doubt, it moves me the most, and I have to watch it every day for the continuation of my existence, and for the sake of my very health 😉

He said…

“It was her songs that killed her”

And he was right!

And then he said

“Look at how different she is, singing somebody else’s song” (that was it! The magic ingredient…she was able to get inside the song, without her own pain)

I was stunned into silence for a good while (about 2 whole minutes, which is a long time in the land of the beut’s’).

Just stunned; at his insight into her

And it wasn’t just any song of course, (as if she would ever knock out anything less than a corker) this is a song from Amy’s collection of her soul – Because It has 5 ingredients – (Arguably all of the goods you’d need if you had to cook an ‘Amy Cake’)

The 60’s, Jazz, Etta James, Love and ‘Etta’s ‘Blakey’ …so to speak.

If you listen to the lyrics and you think about her and Blake, or listen to their affair via her albums, this song encapsulates their unique love. It’s exactly what I imagine she would say to him if he strayed…”Go do your thing babe, but come back to me when you’re the real you again; cos no-one will ever love you like I do”

It might as well be an extract from; or the perfect end line to :-

‘You know I’m no good’ – where she strays, but basically says “It doesn’t count, ‘cos she was thinking of him the entire time”

For me, the song is akin to her attitude, in totality. And it represents the ethos, of the greatest and saddest love affair of our generation. They were our – Romeo and Juliet of Rock (jazz) and roll

I miss just knowing she exists (in our realm at least)… so much, still. So much 😦

These 5 things were pretty much – the original ingredients of her very being

And the ONLY difference to every over clip I’d shown him was…She didn’t own its original tale of pain. She was incapable of being anything less than 100% inside every masterpiece; every gem that she leaked from them chords of bloody glory!

It goes without saying that she conveys every emotion that sits in this amazing mantra of love, from Etta James, and from the only genre that really know ‘how to do’ love

Jazz singers don’t sing jazz

They submerge, digest, leak and spill sounds; sounds that come from their heart and from their souls, the mind is missing to an extent in jazz, but you’ll only understand what I mean here, if it’s actually one of your 5 ingredients

All That Jazz

And that is why (jazz singers) continue to wipe the floor with everyone else in town; and then they leave as icons…whatever generation, or era, or decade or shape, that they show up in.

She may not have owned the autobiographical pain of this song, but she still conveys every slice of it. All of it’s pain and all it’s beauty too.


(Over to Jools for the big intro) (Drum roooooooollll)

…“But first, a duet with Paul Weller – ‘Don’t go to strangers’, from our hootenany [his famous ‘New Years Eve’ show (2007)] and this really is one of my favourite pieces. It shows the strength of Amy’s voice; the song starts and it sounds quite fragile, Paul sings it beautifully

But then

Amy comes in, and there’s something about her delivery that suddenly draws you to the song and it makes you realise what poetry the song has, and that the job of a true great singer. That’s why she was like Edith Piaf, or Betty smith, or one of the greatest singers of all time. Please sit back and enjoy

‘Don’t go to strangers’

End quote (Dawny use of italics, not Jool’s)


Though I always knew how this made me feel, and I knew it stood somewhere different inside me…I just didn’t know why until the ‘Amy wisdom’. Her passion and talent overweighs her pain for these sweet few minutes…and because I love her, that makes perfection.

I agree, that her songs killed her, it’s the saddest end to a life with a ‘universe’s worth’ of magic and talent to give

Jools, myself and Jay, (sitting top middle and bottom on the fan continuum)

(And yes, I soooooooo know that I love her more than even Jools himself) 😉

We ALL couldn’t help but see the extra magic that lies in this performance, with reasons we shared. (If not expressed the same way). Its impact on all 3 of us was equal, which deserves a little note for immenseness all by its self.  I watch it every day…every day, and every day the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, my entire body ignites in goose bumps.

A quarter of the days I cry, for half I smile, and the other quarter I spend doing strange things with my hands; as my soul is sensitive on these days and it makes me connect my hands to my head, as a reaction to it’s mind blowing impact! 😉

It is impeccable perfection; she is impeccable, and I think she looks more beautiful on this night, in that sweet little feather creation, than in any other dress, from her super spangly collection of frocks

And for all these (lengthy and long winded) reasons, this is perfection on a plate

To end with another quote from – Jools the legend 🙂

“One of the things I really loved about Amy (note he now reels off a list as his one thing ;0), was she was funny, she was an incredibly great musician, she had a great weight of talent, but she treated it very lightly”

Forever Missed, Never Forgotten

The wonderful, Loved and Adored…Amy Winehouse

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