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Short Number Twenty One – Two Paths!


Two paths, to go figure out what lies beneath

Dawny the detective has just 2 theories

a)      The world is being run by blue robot alien ghost evil men

b)      Love exists

I’m really really trying to believe in… Plan B

I am!

(41 words)

Show Me The Middle! (I love black people ;)) (Sing it…like Jerry Did)


Dawny’s getting all cryptic,

Cos I’ve switched again, it’s got all happy and mystic

And I’m sick of looking like a tit with the blatant squit, so I’m getting all clever ‘Miss Missy of the Mississippi!’



You gotta love the dark and twisty’s,

They sometimes provide such marvellous mysteries,

I can honestly say I am never really bored,

Today I’ve been pondering Pet Passports and The Lord Read the rest of this entry

The cycle of love and hate


Some of us are born lucky enough to have the unending love of a mother

This love can provide a human with gargantuan strength, enough strength to just about cope with anything

Others are unlucky, and they received no love from their mother

And it is this lack of love, that creates hatred in the hearts of the un-loved

You’d think that after many years of suffering, many years of knowing what damage it does, living with no love, that they would accept love as an adult

That they might even crave love as an adult? Read the rest of this entry

Humanising the Robot – Part 1


He was just 4 years old when he decided to remove the buttons from his outsides

The panel on his front, was larger than all the other robots because he had travelled, a rarity in ‘bot-land’

But he was also very rare (even without the travel)

He was bogged down, feeling too much compassion, love, anger, disdain, fear, yearning…and a need for control and power

When he was left to his own devices, these emotions weren’t a problem. Like all other robots he was emotional, whilst being totally emotionally detached Read the rest of this entry

My nephew is a ‘God Damn Genius!’ ;)


In the midst of a conversation between me and lil’ Trissus, about the highs and lows of life

The Boy appeared, (identity protection) strolled in tut lounge, and said

“I know a good title for a book”

“How to manage your emotions by Christina Yang”

Lmao 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 If you’re still in the dark, Doooooo watch ze clip. It will bring a chuckle to your day 🙂

Inaction exists cos people bug the living shite out of us, all the live long day!


IMG_1491These last few weeks, when I’ve been bobbing through tut city centre, I’ve noticed a new kinda person wanting our time

On top of the 64 charity workers that plague our conscience by asking us to spare a minute (how tight do we feel when we refuse to give them a teeny tiny minute)

It’s not cos we all don’t have a we minute to spare, its ‘cos everyone wants a minute Read the rest of this entry

Perhaps a new career is in order ;)


I reckon I could be fantastic as a…

‘Paranormal Paranoia Investigator of Strange Shit!’

Trouble is, I’d get to the end, and be slightly too paranoid about my judgement due to paranoia, to voice it!

Maybe not, now, not now I’ve uncovered the actual lengths I’d have to go to, in the decision making process

So perhaps a new career is needed, out side the realm of other-ness, after-all!

Good versus Evil is never resolved


Evil view Good – as weak and sickening

Good view Evil – as weak and sickening

But good people need to be exposed to weak and sickening behaviour, in order to understand and access their strength and inspiring behaviour

And evil people need to be exposed to weak and sickening behaviour, in order to understand and access their strength and inspiring behaviour

All behaviours are all of these, when viewed through all the eyes

The ironic thing is – these acts of evil and acts of kindness, no matter how far they along they exist on – the severity continuum, are still perceived at some point, in a way that provides the good with a glow AND the evil with a glow… Read the rest of this entry

With this brain – I do believe I’ve fallen Asleep for SURE this time!


While the Attorney Is Asleep

Bear with me, just a mere few hours (fooooking hurry up)

And I may well be confirming that A) After 10 to 14 days of absolutely no sleep, I single-handedly solved an epic police tale all by my self! Literally Epic

B) I indeed should have been an investigator and added to this, Dawny is officially not crazy, she now only has a giant vendetta for the NHS! (I’m not after their money, just their shame and a very long-winded apology/I did it!

LARGELY, only a true crazy lady could have ever arrived at the gargantuan and ridiculous conclusion that I reached, back in the day! And only an actual real life super-man and I think super woman too, YES DEF…may have actually done the truliest spandangly thing I’ve ever heard of, in my entire drama filled Scorpion existence Read the rest of this entry

Never a Dull Moment! Ever!


Deirdre as she appeared in the 1970s.(Why is Deird’s so massive today?)

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any weirder…

It does!

Be sure to know that you will soon find yourself, in weirder clearer waters! Those oceans previously believed to have belonged to some other crazy race, somehow…do not. Turns out, we are all part of the same fooking water source!

Perhaps discussing the issue with a friend might seem like an idea, it’s such fun reeling the facts list off, just before the shiny van comes zooming round the corner, with the white coat swat team leaning out of the side doors…Their wild blonde locks, billowing in the wind as they sprint to my rescue with paddles and belts in hand 🙂 (It’s all very 1920’s healthcare round ‘ere, hence the scene) Read the rest of this entry

‘Counting My Blessings’ (‘Friendssings’)…with a big old smile on my face :)


 These last 2 weeks, between them, my dearest mates and my utterly fabulous sister have had me cry with laughter and love, soooo many times… through the hilarity and drama we all seem to be continuously steeped in 🙂

We’ve been on roads of discovery, naughty-ness, stress, change, inspiration, not to mention mind opening rants of world-changing, and epic proportions. There have been highs and lows and dramas galore, but more than anything, it has been special, simply because they have all been so present…

It’s been like 2 weeks of ‘Friends Sandals Heaven’

Added to this, I cannot stop watching the utterly inspiring clip of Read the rest of this entry

My Brain is Draining My Ass Today! (Bilge of the highest order)


I need some sort of regulating body to adhere to I think ;(

I can’t keep up with the little mo-fo (my brain).

I have 18 tasks on the go simultaneously and apart from completing snippets of bilge and smoking, the rest is just basically me making a massive mess

Pooey environments don’t help with the concept of calm…

But it’s a continuous battle, just clearing up after myself

I need to bloody meditate or something, but I don’t know where to start

Plus, there’s no point trying cos I will forget in 6.3 seconds that I’m meant to be meditating, and it won’t be til I’m shuffling evidence papers 15 minutes later, that I’ll remember I was meant to be meditating! 15 minutes ago! (Small zone outs are allowed but 15 minutes is complete un-dooo-ance!) Read the rest of this entry

Calling all Narcissists… Re-blogging your own ‘Squit’ :)


If we’re honest…

We’ve all been there – we polish off a post, we re-read one last time, a small smile creeps across our face as we secretly, internally marvel at the sheer genius of both ourselves, and the content 😉

We post it…

And tumbleweed!

It hurts, but somehow we get back up and we fight to live another day 😉

Well; For all those poor little masterpieces that for some reason, YOU actually thought were NOT worthy of shredding to bits, immediately after you posted them…

RE-POST the little gems!

The rules

(Don’t tell Word-Press, ‘cos I think this is semi illegal in tut Bloggus-Sphere) Read the rest of this entry

Sorry has evolved from ‘Hum Drum to Fun’


Once upon a time…

Sorry used to be a difficult thing to say

But with the birth of the wondrous World Wide Web, there are now countless ways to apologise, and to be honest, searching for them borders on pleasurable. So I say, if you’re not quite sure whether you should be sorry or not ;)… just plunge in and apologise anyway. It’s not like the old days anymore 😉

You can do it

Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This…

Plunge People 😉

Short Number 18 – When you really want an excuse to say… ‘cotton picking minute!’


Sally was arguing with Trevor, and she could feel her lip beginning to tremble.

The giggles began to bubble up!

She tried to twitch it out, but Trevor saw the flash in her eyes and said…

“Can we take a cotton picking minute here, paaaleeease?”

She could hold it no longer 😉

(50 words)

Can we all just take a minute PAAALEEEEASE? ;)


To smile at the unbelievable cuteness of

‘Jools Humble Holland’

I wouldn’t swop my Dad for the world, but if I was Dad-less, I would ask Jools to adopt me

As Micheal McIntyre notes – He introduces everybody whilst walking backwards

He is mildly loved up with every soul that graces his stage, and he sways whilst playing the piano, a good foot each side, from the middle (big sways)

He can be found grinning and launching his hands in the air mid song, in appreciation of the fabulous musician that he is staring at…all ‘awe’d up’ Read the rest of this entry

Beer add enough of these = Someone please sedate her


Beer is OK in itself. All alone… it’s at most, a health issue (if you end up hugging the ivory tower)



Add an extremely attractive person sitting opposite you with fabulous thighs, amongst other things

Add live Music

Add friendly and mildly exotic people (well, almost)

Add beer

Add anxiety

Add mild shock

Add socially contagious beered up joy

   Minus the few inhibitions owned

Add discussions with people who raise naughty and amusing subjects

Add lovely bar staff, with funky little mats with chortle-some ditty’s on them

Add lots of laughter

Which injects extra excitement

Which injects extra endorphins

Add a politician Read the rest of this entry

I’ve crossed the line and I’m being punished! ;)


I’ve just come home after being away for a few days and due to a mild biscuit crisis, Mr Shamone has been forced to go without a meal, for nearly 12 hours

In the land of Shamone nothing phases him normally, he is the epitome of Mr. Chill, and he has the sweetest nature of any cat I’ve ever known. And I’ve known a lot of cats in my time people…

Mr Rurch regularly tries to intimidate him, to get him off tut twister chair (which is definitely big enough for the 3 of us)

He doesn’t mind, and he even jumps back up sometimes, just to clean his brother’s unreachable parts on his head

He is a very sweet boy and he rules no area; except the food bowl area (and my lap whenever possible). Mr Rurch rules everywhere, except the bowl zone…he dares not cross to Shamone’s side

Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 17 – I am Strong, I am Invincible, I am WOMAN :)!


From Abu Dhabi to London Town.

Women are suppressed in a thousand tiny ways, and a million big ones too!

But as the song says…

I am strong, I am invincible, I am Woman


Never forget the power of the female psyche. It overcomes, it conquers, it comforts, and it never caves!

Remember Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte…Keep your friends close and you will forever be…

A strong… invincible… WOMAN

Ooooooooo… 😉

(70 words)