Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

After this week’s tagging fiasco… Word-Press is back in my good books


(YouTube is bobbing between devilish and wondrous!)

Reason being, I’ve been having an Amy Winehouse reminisce day, in between the shopping, washing up, writing about quantitative evidence, and other soul killing tripe. And I clicked on one of the old recordings that I posted here on Word-Press… one random day, long long ago.

AND OMG! 🙂 There in front of me was one of MY many old lost YouTube channels

The one with 197 rare videos of Amy that I spent DAYS finding. Damn the collaboration of YouTube and Google for making the hell known as Gmail. Have you ever tried retrieving an account from these people?

It like being interrogated by the CIA, then 3 days later! 3 days… (It’s not a cheque Google) ;)… you get an email saying ‘Computer says NO’…It’s not your account luv

Erm well actually, it is! They all are!

I don’t know when I last logged in?! Or who I said I said my favourite uncle was?! I don’t actually write an uncle’s name here…Does anyone? Read the rest of this entry

It would seem ‘Dreams are for Big Girls’ too…


I was an odd child

I was swathed in more negativity than your average 73-year-old, I can only imagine I must have been a bitter wench in my last life, and I didn’t get a chance to cleanse my self pity regions, before I was re-born again in the 70’s!

I had dreams… but I had no belief, and I was so sad ;(

I had no belief in myself, but worse than that, in the world. It was like having a raging fire in my belly the entire time; but with a (24/7) jet wash directly blasting its centre.

Then I got older and…

(Before I explain this next bit, I am not suggesting I have wanted to die all this time. NOT at all…OK? I’M really NOT)

But…I have always looked forward to 2012 in the Mayan sense. Any Armageddon scenario has perks, as I think there is something enormously relieving about us all going together, and never having to suffer the pain of losing everyone we love, one by one. Read the rest of this entry