Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Stuck between a rock and a hard place…and ‘The Bin’


Actually, stuck between Feng Shui, Sentiment, E-Bay and The Bin…

I have almost a thousand pounds worth of assorted paraphernalia for my wedding, sitting on top of the freezer in bags…and I’m not getting married anymore.

I don’t know what to do with it!?!

Feng Shui says it’s shooting death arrows into my very soul on a daily basis, and that I need to dispose of it, pronto!

Sentiment says, that sat amongst the invitations and the glitter, are handmade treasures with my blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul in them. Leave them here Dawny… says sentiment, they’re not doing any harm

The Bin is where they need to go

And E-Bay is where everyone keeps telling me to send them. But who wants to buy 2nd hand wedding goods from the woman who was stood up just before the altar? All cos they’re cheap?

Aside from this…

Ethically, I can’t bring myself to flog my cursed ivory goods, onto an unsuspecting soul who is looking forward to a long marriage Read the rest of this entry

How to get Closure from… ‘Silently Obstinate Bull-Shitters’



It’s such an American term… but I fear its worldwide use has made it a necessary thing, a thing to find at the end of a relationship, for us all.

In most relationships, it comes without explanation. If you’re in one of those normal one’s where you’re both party to the demise and break up, then it’s not rocket science to read between the lines!

You don’t need to look at each other and say :- I don’t like you anymore, we argue all the time, it’s not been right for a long time, I screwed the gardener, oh don’t worry I screwed my secretary etc. You both kinda know as you’ve been living in reality…

BUT, what happens when you get dumped, and you’re not really sure why?

What about if you’re one of those people who waved your partner off for milk and bread one morning, It’s 6 years later, and you’re still waiting for them to come back?

Or perhaps, you woke up in your new twister chair to find your future husband gone, but the washing up dutifully completed? Read the rest of this entry