Stuck between a rock and a hard place…and ‘The Bin’


Actually, stuck between Feng Shui, Sentiment, E-Bay and The Bin…

I have almost a thousand pounds worth of assorted paraphernalia for my wedding, sitting on top of the freezer in bags…and I’m not getting married anymore.

I don’t know what to do with it!?!

Feng Shui says it’s shooting death arrows into my very soul on a daily basis, and that I need to dispose of it, pronto!

Sentiment says, that sat amongst the invitations and the glitter, are handmade treasures with my blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul in them. Leave them here Dawny… says sentiment, they’re not doing any harm

The Bin is where they need to go

And E-Bay is where everyone keeps telling me to send them. But who wants to buy 2nd hand wedding goods from the woman who was stood up just before the altar? All cos they’re cheap?

Aside from this…

Ethically, I can’t bring myself to flog my cursed ivory goods, onto an unsuspecting soul who is looking forward to a long marriage

I know that I need to put it all in a big black bag and say goodbye, but it’s all so beautiful, and there are 100 mini scrolls sat on top of the pile, each scroll is held together with a tiny red rose…they’re just too pretty to go in the bin. And I think it might take me 20 years to throw the centre pieces away…the dreaded arty farty centre pieces, with their mini easels…8 of them, illustrating our entire relationship. Damn me for not putting these photo’s and sentimental keep sakes in a box or an album, like normal people.

Why didn’t I choose candles for the fucking centrepieces?

And why oh why do I have any sentiment left? For a man who ‘shat’ on me from a great height, and broke my heart…

And I’m back to

How do you BIN a whole, shiny, silky, sparkly, spangly wedding dress? How?

Ohhhhhhh Balls!

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