Education Schmeducation!


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I was thinking today about – how utterly useless school is.

And it’s such a great shame, ‘cos all them hours and years could have been spent teaching us wonderful things, things that may have inspired us to chase our dreams!

Take geography, I have no idea what this subject is about after 10 years of learning about it, for one hour a week. What I do remember, is once learning about layers of soil, and wet soil, and dry gritty soil!

And now….I don’t give a shit where I am in the world, in fact, I don’t know where I live on the map (no shame, I just don’t care)

BUT, my lordy lord…Why oh why didn’t my geography teachers show me photo’s of the 7 Wonders of the World? Is this not a better start to igniting geographical fire, than soil?


Take biology, again I remember little, but photosynthesis in plants, was the focus point of at least 3 years worth of lessons

Why didn’t somebody show me a video of my insides instead? Or steal some of the curriculum from nursing? My best friend is doing a nursing degree, and the biology she is learning fascinates me. However, photosynthesis does not

When I took my GCSE options, I wanted to do ‘Keyboard skills’… but I was told that I was too bright for this class, and I was ram raided into taking business studies instead

Well that worked, All that business development later and I’m an anti establishment lassy, who despises capitalism and commerce to her very core. Also, I received several detentions for locking my business studies teacher in the classroom, and tricking him into thinking the keys were at fault. 3 times! He called the key bearer 3 times! on 3 seperate occasions! (To be fair, I feel this made him the plonker, in spite of the age gap.)

He also taught us this cool word one day (how naive ;))


An example of a Fili’ –  One of the first known practitioners of the filibuster was the Roman senator Cato the Younger. In debates over legislation he especially opposed, Cato would often obstruct the measure by speaking continuously until nightfall.[5]

Bless him, for the remaining 2 years we took it in turns to ignite his filibuster within, with all the trigger topics he provided ;)… and then we escaped reems of the national curriculum, ‘cos old Deegan accidently gave us the bait, to escape learning and to manipulate for our own gain, and mildly amusing pranks…


And at 33, I am still ‘two finger typing’ like a moron!

I wonder who is responsible for delivering these dry facts and useless life skills…to our youth?

Whoever it is, they need a kick up the ass!

(Unrelated …BUT OMB)


I just pressed the summary button on my stats and Oh My Betty – look how many views I’ve had this year!!!


RELATED again…

At least I left school being able to recognise these squiggles as numbers; I think that’s also a thing of the past, todays scholars are not only completely uninspired, they are also illiterate and incapable of dividing 10 by 2!

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