If your unsure what mood you’re in, Go for a drive! ;)


Ohhhhhhh the drama!

Betty clearly does not like me being lazy…

I had a situation and a choice to make

1. Walk to the shop to buy a treat that I should not be buying

2. Drive to the shop to buy a treat that I should not be buying

3. Don’t go to the shop and pat yourself on the back

I picked option 1, in an attempt to save time! (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!)

Driving to this particular shop takes around 15 minutes and so does walking, and this is where the ‘Betty butt slaps’ came into play (on the drive)

There are 2 main one way roads leading into the city centre, and each one has approximately 84 roads leading off of it. Well; being the moron that I am, I entered the wrong road and only realised, once I was well and truly on one of the 84 out roads.

Cut a long story short, 20 minutes later I’m at the lights again and ready to pop down road 1. When the lights go green and the car in front does not move, I waited, waited, did a mini bib on the horn and I saw a hand waving to the right.

Ohhhhhhhh Fab, I was inadvertently sitting in the queue for the shopping mall, because the lane doubles as a road AND a car park queue. Soooo I wait til the lights change again, and swing myself out to the right of the left, (if you get me) and I get on the 1st road in

Yay 🙂

I arrive and I can’t find a space – So I park a 5 minute walk away from the shop, ( I soooooo could have walked there and back by then), open my purse to get some bucks out for the parking meter, and OMB (Betty)

No debit card…


So off I go again, back on to the one way circuit of – 2 roads and 84 roads

I get to the end of road 27, and they have slammed a big giant foot wide line of concrete, at the end of it, since I last visited the tarmac hell, of tut city centre

Soooooo, I swing an illegal U turn for the 2nd time in 20 minutes, and make it home to run up the stairs and grab the card

And off I went again to the shop…

And I got back via the correct selection of roads from the 2, and 84 on offer

56 minues later, I dusted my asss down, feeling chuffed. I wiped the sweat drips off of my nose, and got snuggled in tut my twister chair

And opened my fag box, to find 2… TWO just TWO

Off I go AGAIN… tut another shop


I walked this time, I GET THE HINT BETTY! 😉

It’s not Po Bilar (Bi-Polar) that causes my mood swings; it is my shite driving and my nonexistent sense of direction, perhaps I should look into walking everywhere from now on, and selling Blanchette – The mini silver beast of burden!

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