What comes before a fall? And what comes after?


Northern Pride RLFC

We all go through life protecting ourselves.

Shielding ourselves from harm, avoiding fear, side stepping situations that cause panic to rise in our throats.

We run from the source of our tears… and we sprint away from our fears


If you dig a little deeper into these journeys, often were only running from one thing


And what do they say?

Pride comes before a fall

So are we running full pelt, to stop ourselves from tripping on something painful, only to fall flat on our face anyway?

Are we running away and standing up, over the very places where we should be face down in the mud?

Protecting yourself and those you love is wise

But protecting your pride is foolish

Maybe we should get our faces in the mud? Whenever we find ourselves standing up in it. IF standing up right feels like the last thing we really wanna do.

Mud Wrestling Creatures

When we fall we break bones, and we catch germs that hurt us, just like kids. Kids learn from these falls, and they develop antibodies from those nasty germs, that make them even stronger next time they trip…

Don’t be one of those adults who never become weaker or stronger due to fear of denting your pride

Life is short, get stuck in the mud! or stagnate on your feet…

You choose!

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